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New Era Cap and Mad Decent came together at Boney to produce one killer night on two levels (physically) and on all levels (sensorially). In saluting the spirit of independence, this was the official Saturday night event for the CARBON Festival. What’s that, you didn’t make it? Shame.

Photography by Nick Anderson and Lester Jones at I Dig Your Sole Man.

Curated by Mad Decent’s Creative Director and A&R, Paul Devro, the music was delicious – taking in everything from from old school hip-hop, to moombahton, to booty shakin’ bass. Swick gave the crowd some bouncy beats, and night progressed with more top-shelf tunes from the likes of Mat Cant, Lewis Cancut and Tomderson. Sammy the Bullet provided a dose of trap, while the Pilerats DJs switched up the vibe again. Ultimately, you know that anything Devro gets his hands onto will be worth turning up for.

The rain didn’t deter people as the crowds started pouring in. The shelter from the elements also provided punters with visuals by Chronic Sans and Astral Projection, giving the movers and shakers something to look at. Keeping with the motifs of CARBON festival, there was a hexagonal peephole in the partition between the DJ and the crowd, framing the artist. Flanked by intense strobe lights and entrancing visuals, the setup was hypnotic. On both levels, crowds could watch and enjoy the trippy, visual onslaught. Meanwhile, in a little corner downstairs there was also a softly illuminated, pillowed haven where revellers could lounge about and bask in the chilled ambience.

Drinks were flowing, courtesy of Bulleit Bourbon and Temple Brewing Co beers. And at some point the bar started offering ‘purple drank’. Whatever it was in reality, everybody wanted some of the purple stuff.

Oh, and the super-limited-edition Mad Decent x New Era caps? They all got snapped up before you could even say ‘CARBON’.