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Next week is going to be a huge one for Danny Brown. With his album only days away, we’ve been lucky enough to already get a decent preview with ‘When It Rain,’ ‘Pneumonia’, and ‘Rolling Stone.’ Regardless, he’s decided to fuck shit up and drop one of the fattest collabs we’ve seen in a minute.

‘Really Doe’ is the kind of song you see on YouTube and have to question if it’s a real song or just some users dream-team-mashup. Coming off his upcoming album Atrocity Exhibition, the man Brown opens up with a verse which asserts that yep, this is his track. Having previously collaborated with each of the three artists previously, (‘Terrorist Threats’, ‘1 Train’ and ‘Ride Slow’) this is the first time they’ve all come together for one piece. So then who better to handle the production than Black Milk? Known for never shying away from the intense, this dark, gritty beat makes use of bells and high pitch tones to compliment the weight of each rappers verse.

Next in line, Ab-Soul makes his mark as he opens with a demonic flare. “Still wicked as Aleister Crowley, niggas know me well / For heaven’s sake, I’m the GOAT, you haters can go to hell.” Kendrick serves up the songs hook because after all, he’s “got the city on fire,” and his verse goes in with the usual K-Dot drive. Now, to put it simply, without the Earl verse it’s still a dope song. With the Earl verse, this shit goes next level. Despite being the youngest on the track, he proves his place with ease as he wraps up the track with the mic-drop bar “I’m at your house like ‘why you got your couch on my Chucks?'” 

Give the track a listen below and stay tuned for Atrocity Exhibition, which is set to drop September 30.

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