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Weekly updates

In an ACCLAIM exclusive, get the first look at ‘Soundcheck: Lapalux’. Melbourne’s favourite purveyors of forward-thinking music, The Operatives, present a new video series, which gives us an intimate look at some of the world’s finest electronic producers as they tour Australia. Combining in-depth interviews with footage of the gigs, the exclusive clips offer a backstage pass into a musician’s world – full of sound, worldwide tours and that quality that drives them to make music in the first place.

First up is Lapaluxthe only British artist signed to Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder. At his soundcheck he darts about the room. The bass is thudding through the empty club and he tests how it sounds in every corner of the dance floor. It’s not surprising after hearing his music – it is the work of a perfectionist. “With music, you’re so free. I’ve never really stuck to one particular genre – I like to experiment and there is always something to be inspired by,” says the 25-year-old producer, also known as Stuart Howard. His debut album Nostalchic was applauded for its delicately arranged tracks where layers of sound, field recordings and melodic vocals meet. SOUNDCHECK offers a never-before-seen side of the producer, from his parent’s influence on his music, to his impression of Russian fans dancing to his latest track, all set to his own live performance.

Read the full interview here and stay tuned for the next Soundcheck.