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Exploring the four cornerstones of Triple One’s A1 Hip-Hop smash ‘Showoff’

The Sydney four-piece talk blending genres in the latest episode of ‘Starting Point’.

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Welcome to Starting Point, a Spotify series produced in collaboration with Complex and Acclaim. We’re following four Australian rappers from Spotify’s flagship A1 Hip-Hop playlist to the places they feel most creative. We’ll hear the stories behind their breakout songs, and learn more about what drives them to create. Last week we heard from Carmouflage Rose on the creation of ‘Late Nights’. This week, Triple One talk us through their A1 Hip-Hop featured song ‘Showoff’.

Triple One is Marty Bugatti, Obi Ill Terrors, Lil Dijon, and Billy Gunns. Since forming in 2013, they’ve released thirteen standalone singles and two EPs: 2017’s The Libertine and 2018’s The Naughty Corner. But it was ‘Showoff’, a single released in the second half of 2018, where Triple One really flexed their strength as a group. The song thrives on what the boys do best; combining their contrasting sounds. Marty’s flex-filled verses, Obi’s dark, booming bars, Dijon’s melodic vocals and Billy’s knocking beats proved the perfect blend to make this one a hit.

From there, ‘Showoff’ clocked over 1.2 million streams and received a playlisting in Spotify’s A1 Hip-Hop. “Triple One, Gucci Mane, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. It’s just cool. The public automatically puts you on that shelf,” Marty says of their A1 Hip-Hop addition.

For the latest instalment of Spotify’s ‘Starting Point’, we go inside the studio where ‘Showoff’ was first recorded and to the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney, the venue of their first sold out show. They chat their progression—from garage to studio, from small venue to large venue–Marty’s Stanley Kubrick-inspired verse, and how the song’s topline came together in under five hours.

Check out the fourth episode of Starting Point above, and listen to more Triple One in the A1 Hip-Hop playlist below.

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