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Feki made us a playlist perfect for fidget spinning

Off the back of his huge tour supporting Snakehips

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We’ve been onboard with Feki for a while now and are smugly patting ourselves on the back for predicting his success. The Brisbane-based producer has just wrapped up a huge tour as the main support for juggernaut act Snakehips. To celebrate the milestone we got Feki to create a smooth as fuck playlist for us. We also made him take our Acclaim quiz where he admits he’s in to fidget spinners and girls with an appetite.

The Acclaim Quiz:
Skype or Facetime? Skype.
Sweet or savoury? Sweet.
Heels or flats? Flats.
Thinking too much or not thinking at all? Thinking too much.
Best song on the playlist? Majid Jordan – A Place Like This.
Which song would you drop if you had to delete one? Usher – Something Special.
How would you describe Feki? Brings out emotions you never knew you had.
How would you describe Snakehips? Best hit makers in the game today.
What is interesting to you today? Those fidget spinners. I’m so obsessed.
What is challenging you today? Trying to figure out what my next single is.
What is romantic to you today? When she can eat more than you.


Weekly updates