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In case you’ve never seen a Flatbush Zombies video clip, they want you to know they do a lot of drugs (rly tho). It’s no surprise then that their new supergroup with fellow Brooklyn psych rappers The Underachievers is named after that petroleum-blue weed smoke that’s so prominent in their visuals.

Where Alex and his droogs were sipping on that moloko vellocet, the Indigo mob is more likely to mix an eyedropper of acid with juice and perform acts of ultrasilence rather than ultraviolence. Sorry, I’ll stop with the references now so you can just sit back and listen to their first group EP Butterfly Effect which, while named after a real phenomenon, will never not remind me of that cringe inducing Ashton Kutcher flick.

Apparently they dropped this three hours before a joint show which is crazy and if you really want to see fans go off their heads at this, check out the thread that went down on our favourite subreddit.

XYNO is probs the tightest track on this, but it’s solid all round and the tracks have a distinctive sound that nestles between the artists’ psych rap characteristics. For a full list of the Clockwork Indigo US tour dates, check them out here.

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