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Last month, I was talking about Adult Swim’s short film depicting the birth of FlyLo‘s animated rap alter ego Captain Murphy. Now, a die hard fan of non-sequitur cartoons and weird, pitch-shifted rap has posted a rather curt petition on internet bandwagon Change.org to bust Captain Murphy’s origin out into a fully fledged series.

The petition has already generated nearly 2000 signatures which isn’t surprising considering the predominance of rap culture in other Adult Swim shows like The Boondocks and Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the fact Captain Murphy’s moniker was lifted straight from Sealab 2021. It’s already a match made in heaven.

According to petition author Matthew Martin of London, the primary goal of the petition was to reach 1500 signatures, a benchmark that was achieved within three days. Whether Adult Swim will make good on the request remains to be seen but they have a tendency to eat that viral marketing shit up so it’s a safe bet something will happen. You can help by adding your name to the petition here.


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