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Remember when Kanye Quest came out in 2013? It was a neat little RPG Maker-assisted adventure that involved fans playing a time-travelling Kanye who warps forward to the year 3030 (Deltron fans will get the reference) and fights a myriad of hip-hop icons including Ice Cube, 2-Pac, and the ultimate final boss, Lil B. It was a fun fan experience akin to Charles Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. Well, fans of the fan game are apparently still playing through the game on occasion and one recently discovered a weird secret.

When prompted to give a response by a non-playable character in the game at one point, a player entered the word ‘ascend’ after seeing it appear in-game in a reference to the Based God. After entering it, a message appeared:

Congratulations! You have proven yourself to be an open-minded and curious thinker. We must apologise for deceiving you, but we can reveal that the game you were playing until this point was a ‘front’ constructed to protect what you are currently accessing. We must ask that you do not reveal this area to the public. If you believe that you may be prone to revealing information, or do not wish to participate, please close this program immediately by pressing ALT-F4 or selecting the NO option when it appears. By selecting the YES option, you agree to participate and not reveal information.

After a little more gameplay, the game prompts the player for their name and address and says that a group or individual may contact the player directly.

Over the following two week time period, we will interact with you and your possessions in several ways. Keep an eye out, as some of these ways may be subtle. Others may not be. We may attempt to contact you directly. If we do this, we will attempt to notify you of our prescence using a key-word. If you still consent to participation, please select the YES option above. Do you wish to participate?

The first user to discover this weird hidden portion of the game logged the whole experience on Pastebin and speculated that the game may have all along been a recruitment tool for a cult known as Ascension. They describe the cult in the log:

Ascensionism is a New Age cult that goes back to at least 2006. Its main beliefs focus around there being two spirits that make up a whole being. A physical spirit, the body, and an ethereal spirit, the soul. Long story short, souls live lifetime after lifetime until they reach a point where they are judged by themselves after a death and, upon deciding they have been sufficiently good, destroy themselves and become primordial soulstuffs from which new souls form.

Honestly, this just seems like an elaborate creep-out, but many have since tried to access the secret area and it really does appear to exist. We’re not sure why members of Ascensionism would want to make an RPG about Kanye West in order to try and recruit followers, but it certainly makes the whole thing more interesting. No one has yet reported any consequences from inputting their address but if we hear of any revelations, we’ll be sure to let you know about it.

Want to try and find the secret for yourself? You can grab your download of Kanye Quest 3030 here and check the full weirdness of the Pastebin log here.


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