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If at any time you feel as though it might be necessary for you to scuffle with a hip hop mogul, it’s best to take a scientific approach. While you’re probably not gonna get beat by Macklemore or Kreayshawn,  a spot of risk evaluation  might be necessary when it comes to, you know, people who have actually been shot and stuff.

This is just what the folk at Grantland have done, graphing 30 of your favs (and dudes you might actually wanna have a crack at) on your likelihood to be knocked out by them, should it ever get physical. While some, like Lil’ Boosie come fresh off prison stints (wouldn’t recommend), others like ‘Ye wouldn’t risk ripping the Givenchy in a tussle (probably best not to try anyway). And for the love of God, do not even think about taking on DMX.

Check out the chart below and read more about the rankings here.