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We left our regular title for this kind of article as ‘good read’ but it really should be ‘interesting’ read if we’re being diplomatic. Noisey caught up with Young Dirty Bastard – Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son – after his appearance at Rock The Bells with the Wu Tang Clan to shoot the breeze. With a lot to say about his home life, living off food stamps, continuing the Dirty Bastard legacy, hating on 2Chainz and wanting to impregnate Miley Cyrus. Below are some tidbits from the interview and click here if you’re compelled to read more.

On being ODB’s son:

Some people don’t wanna milk cows like their father. They wanna smoke weed all day. I’d rather be sober and continue his legacy. I do the opposite of everything he did. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, and I’m learning how to have less babies.”

On 2Chainz:

“His name is 2 Chainz. Nigga, we don’t wear chains no more, motherfucker. This whole time you wanna escape from the chains, and now you got two chains wrapped around you. Double the trouble, motherfucker!”

On Miley Cyrus:

“Yeah, everybody’s hating on her. She having fun to me, so what? She should do whatever she wants. That’s the way she’s shaped, you think she’s gonna pull a Jennifer Lopez out? She got a small ass!”

The man makes a valid point.

Mica Nantes