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New music from Pa Salieu, Joy Crookes, Maxo Kream and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Jesswar - Bad Like Riri ft. Erica Banks

This is a big anthem from Jesswar and Erica Banks. Huge horns command the production, bridging the line between a marching band and early 2000s crunk. 808s bludgeon and are bound to break subwoofers, as both rappers thrive in confidence in braggadocio. It’s a catchy tune, where they talk their shit.

02. Lvka Steez - Tongue Twister

Melbourne prospect Lvka $teez takes a moment to spit on ‘Tongue Twister’. Over a bass-heavy beat with a siren-like synth, he begins flowing and doesn’t take a moment to stop, instead seamlessly switching from melodies on the hook, and flex-heavy frenzies on the verses. Keep Lvka $teez on your radar. 

03. Pa Salieu - Bad ft. Aitch

Two of the UK’s finest link for a massive tune, and it lives up to the massive expectations. Per usual, Salieu spirals in his vocal inflections, but crawls in an earworm fashion with his flows, over off-kilter, afrobeat-esque production. Aitch slides in smoothly, contrasting Salieu with smooth, poignant bars. ‘Bad’, is simply good.

04. Joy Crookes - Kingdom

‘How do you learn to love if you’re not taught to?’ Joy Crookes ponders on ‘Kingdom’, which is an autopsy on the concept of romance. As she delves in deep into the topic, her voice sits comfortably on jangly guitar strums and crashing drums, making this a rock-infused pop anthem. It appears on her new album Skin, which is out now.

05. Anieszka - Choices

This Anieszka single is rich in lush sounds, but it isn’t elevator music: it’s music that elevates. Smooth synths engrossed in warmth flutter around her soulful voice, with guitars and reverberation sprinkled on top as an ear-catching garnish. The songstress reflects on her choices throughout the track, pondering their relevance in her life as she continues the journey.

06. Maxo Kream - GREENER KNOTS

The Houston hoss himself Maxo Kream is back with his reflective single ‘Greener Knots’. His continuous and catchy flow finds itself on top of rattling high hats, hard-hitting kicks, and soul samples courtesy of Hit-Boy, resulting in a track that bumps with vibrancy. It’s set to appear on his next album Weight of the World, out October 19th.

07. Anna Lunoe - Back Seat ft. Genesis Owusu

Sydney is outside, Melbourne is on its way, and now, we have the soundtrack for celebration. The acid-bass of Anna Lunoe’s production on ‘Back Seat’ swirls with alacrity, and alongside the four-to-the-floor drums, will possess you with the urge to turn up. Genesis Owusu takes the front seat on this one, commanding the vibes like a club emcee, and taking this one into anthem territory.

08. Ay Huncho - My Blood

Ay Huncho is amping up his gang riddled sound by surprising fans with his latest rap banger, ‘My Blood.’ Hinting at a new EP, the controversial artist is going behind the headlines and offering the public a gritty view from the mean mugging ends of Merrylands. His philosophy bleeds loyalty, his lifestyle is the product of risks and his flow keeps dancefloors heaving. It’s no secret, ‘My Blood’ is dedicated to Huncho’s family although it’s also a relatable story that thugs around the world can make sense of. As Australia’s most notorious Middle-Eastern rapper, Huncho knows what it means to be an outsider, what it means to play for keeps and what it means to be under investigation. ‘My Blood’ is the first piece of an intricate puzzle.

09. Baker Boy - ft. Lara Andallo

Baker Boy pays homage to the escapism of music on ‘Headphones’, pinpointing his private disco as a way to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Over a house production heavy in the atmosphere of heavenly synths and a thumping kick, he lets off his energetic raps, before Lara Andallo soars in her singing on the hook. It appears on Baker Boy’s debut album Gela, which is out now.

010. Orion Sun - Concrete

Orion Sun’s ‘Concrete’ is a mixture of R&B and folk. Bubbly keys, melancholic guitars, and bouncing drums propel her warbles, as she switches between rap-sung vocals and a howling falsetto. It polymerises the atmosphere of both somber days and ones rich in sunshine, sounding like the audio rendition of Summer rain.