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New music from Babyface Mal, Knucks, City Girls, Barkaa and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Knucks x SL - Nice & Good

These guys should stop what they’re doing and make a full album together right now. Knucks and SL match together like the pieces of Exodia, drawing the cards of catchy flows, and contrasting cadences that float over the atmospheric, soulful sample and punchy kicks. If it’s time to duel, these two might send you to the shadow realm.

02. Mason Dane x A.Girl x Day1 x Reyanna Maria - Never Miss a Beat

Groove serves as the base of this Aus-Rap and R&B mega-cut. Mason floats with melodies, A.Girl soars in soulful vocals, DAY1 brings the bars in the form of an ear-catching croon, and Reyanna Maria is feint with her singing but flourishes in her passionate delivery. Big time collab, big banger results.

03. Gold Fang - Matter To Me

Gold Fang’s ‘Matter To Me’ starts off with heavenly synths and spoken word inspiration from Gold Fang, slowly building into an uplifting sing-a-long anthem, garnished with the artist’s signature swag. It’s another display of his versatility, and his ability to turn any emotion, into a dance-inciting moment.

04. Barkaa - Fight For Me ft. Electric Fields

Barkaa’s ‘Fight For Me’ is a deep, food-for-thought cut that delves into the devastating reality of absence as a parent. The rapper looks back on her past struggles with open-book confessionals, as the heart on her sleeve drips into every passionately delivered bar. It’s a bleak anecdote of the rapper’s past, while also serving as evidence that despite these hurdles, she’s fought her way out on the other side.

05. Babyface Mal - Light Camera Mishap

Babyface keeps doing what he does best, and that’s bringing the bars. His flows are scattered over the punchy trap production, letting off deliveries in quick flurries, enhanced by his lackadaisical-yet-animated cadence. It serves as a highlight of his new project THE CRIB VOL. 2, which you can stream now.

06. Mychelle - Forbidden Fruit ft. ENNY

Mychelle’s ‘Forbidden Fruit’ thrives in the peaceful vibe it creates, feeling like it embodies a relaxing summer day. Her unique, emotional vocals blossom atop the soil of jangly guitars, fuzzy bass lines, and shimmering keys, planted on the song’s journey to euphoria. ENNY drops some raps on the latter end, with smooth bars that add extra strokes to this sonic painting of a perfect day.

07. Lil Tjay - In My Head

Shoutout to Iyaz, whose hit single ‘Replay’ serves as a vocal sample on this new Lil Tjay track. It serves as the rapper’s muse, as he delves into his relationship with love in romance, life, and his past struggles. The catchiness of this candid track, without a doubt, makes this one worthy of many replays.

08. Freddie Gibbs - Ice Cream ft. Rick Ross

Freddie Gibbs back on that trap sound with ‘Ice Cream’, bringing bars harder than the biscuit of a Maxibon, and heated energy ready to melt any Magnum, and boil any Bubble O Bill. Freddie serves the second verse to Rick Ross, and there’s nothing soft about it, as the rap legend brings his bellowing voice and luxury bars sweeter than a Calippo. This takes place over eerie synths and thumping drums from Kenny Beats, whose 808s crunch harder than the first bite of a choc top.

09. Kapulet - Riding ft. Yeloboi Tommy

This new track from Kapulet and Yeloboi Tommy is a piece of catchy commentary of their past struggles, and the areas they come from. Kapulet’s past recollections of the grind in Mount Druitt juxtaposes Yeloboi’s time in Pennant Hills as a hong-kong born immigrant, offering two perspectives over the dark, sombre production. But they find common ground in their passionate croons and unite in what has resulted in a sincere, sentimental banger.

010. City Girls - Top Notch ft. Fivio Foreign

City Girls, Fivio Foreign and AXL Beats form for a subwoofer-ready blast of drill. 808s wobble, and each rapper snaps in a fury of flex, polymerising their braggadocio, and resulting in an in-your-face slapper; shoutout Big Willie.