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New music from Mulalo, Jaal, Akosia, Sainte and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Mulalo - Tracy Grimshaw

The state of Mulalo’s current affairs is that she’s making music that slaps in the form of ‘Tracy Grimshaw’. The Melbourne rapper weaves in a myriad of Aus pop-culture references into her swagger-heavy bars, bouncing off 18YOMAN’s booming 808s. It’s a wit-heavy, undeniable frenzy.

02. Sainte - Arrogant

Sainte’s style is as smooth as ever on ‘Arrogant’. The production lurks in a late-night atmosphere, with reverb-drenched keys and pulsating synth bass serving as the backdrop for the UK rapper’s effortless flows. It’s punctuated by an ear-catching hook, where Sainte slides in with sleek melodies and woozy autotune.

03. Jaal - Foes

When it comes to introspection, there aren’t many like Jaal. ‘Foes’ finds him delving into past conflicts and using them as a device for self-development. He narrates his quest for growth through food-for-thought bars that float atop rattling hi-hats and mellifluous woodwind flute sounds.

04. Skin On Skin - Burn Dem Bridges

This new Skin On Skin track feels destined for raves around the globe. Four-to-the-floor kick drums, acid bass, and vocal samples from Sav’o and Horrid1’s ‘Violent Siblings’ command the track, polymerising in a hard-hitting techno anthem that thrives in the self-created pandemonium it inevitably starts in the clubs.

05. Bayang (tha Bushranger), Kuya Neil - Ngl

BAYANG’s lyrics on ‘Ngl’ deal with personal turmoil. The lo-fi, distorted effects on his voice serve as the squared circle for an introspective slobber-knocker as he wrestles with adversity to the tune of Kuya Neil’s spacious, melancholic production. His barrages are fueled by vulnerability, and the end result is undeniably ember-filled.

06. JID - Dance Now ft. Kenny Mason

JID does no wrong ‘Dance Now’. Forget the title, as this is a manifesto for moshpits, Calling to flinging arms with interweaved wordplay, seamless flow switches, and a high-octane delivery. Kenny Mason’s appearance on the hook presents the song’s only mellow moment, as the ATL artist’s distant melodies foreshadow JID’s next spit-heavy soliloquy.

07. Akosia - Bang Bang

Bang Bang’ serves as Akosia’s wake-up call, reminding the Ghanian-born, Australian-based artist to stay true to herself. This bullet comes flying in the form of a smooth banger, which incorporates pop, funk, and R&B into a vibrant instrumental that enhances her soulful melodies. Her voice warbles with freedom, and has never sounded better.

08. Chiseko - CONFIDENCE

CHISEKO’s ‘CONFIDENCE’ sounds… confident. The artist’s high-energy raps are unhinged in the best way, flowing freely atop the thumping four-to-the-floor kicks and arena-ready horns. It’s a song about letting loose, and serves as a smooth solution for lethargy.

09. Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Belize ft. MF DOOM

Before you even click play, you know ‘Belize’ is about to be a masterclass in bars. Black Thought starts us off, rooting his rapid-fire performance in the soil of sleek similes and his smooth Philadelphia cadence. The late legend MF DOOM appears next, painting a picture with his penmanship so vivid it’ll make you question Van Gogh’s vocation. The canvas for this craftsmanship comes courtesy of Danger Mouse, who uses souful samples and jangly guitar strums to create summer-soaked sonic scenery; reminiscent of the nation this song is named after. It appears on Danger Mouse and Black Thought’s new album Cheat Codes, which you can stream now.

010. KingTheFreeSoul x Jamel - New Thing

KingTheFreeSoul’s ‘New Thing’ is an ode to Sydney, focused on debunking any negative connotations surrounding his hometown. The end result is a triumphant track that finds the rapper, alongside Jamel, at the wheel of a rap-fueled vehicle, driving full speedBlack Thought, Danger Mouse – something from Cheat Codes album on an undeniable victory lap.