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New music from Chanel Loren, Baro Sura, Doechii, Kahukx and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!


01. Baro Sura, Silentjay - Goodmorning

Good Morning’ is simply lush, with Silentjay’s production pairing jangly guitars and colourful keys behind Baro Sura’s distant but delightfully smooth vocals, before transitioning seamlessly into the saxophone on the soulful hook. It’s a mellow wake-up call, suited to start any day.

02. Chanel Loren - Some Other Time feat. Arz

On ‘Some Other TIme’, Chanel Loren’s vocals are rich with passion, as she delves into the happenings of an on-and-off relationship over energetic, dancehall-inspired production. Arz pops up for a feature on the latter end, enhancing the song’s story with rapid raps and a sleek energy. It’s an infectious anthem, dedicated to temporary romance.

03. JUJO - WAR ft. Yung Shogun

JUJO calls a motivated Yung Shogun to arms on ‘War’, polymerising rattling hi-hats, heavy bass, and arena-ready brass instrumentation, to which the rapper responds to with fiery, triplet flows. The song is about putting yourself in life’s line of fire, facing adversity head-on. This dynamic duo brings their energy to frontline and smashes through in a barrage.

04. BBGB - Knock Knock

BBGB continue their barrage in the Australian music scene with ‘Knock Knock’. Kwame handles the production here, taking a menacing loop and paring it with Detroit-esque bass hits, and a drum bounce perfectly suited for moshpits. BLESSED, Lil Spacely, B.Wise, and Skenzo each handle a verse, standing out respectively with their unique styles and on-point pen game. Separating the rapid-fire raps is Manu Crooks on the hook, who unleashes a gritty growl in his cadence, and punctuates the song’s beautifully orchestrated pandemonium.

05. Club Angel - Pop Them Threat!

Club Angel’s latest cut is bound to have you jumping in the chaos of jungle. Sirens persist, percussion rattles, and bass glides throughout, with key stabs swirling for extra style. Just when you think the energy couldn’t increase, dancehall vocals loop over the top, transforming into this track into a must-play for any 2-step.

06. Forest Claudette - Gone Without A Trace

Forest Claudette follows up the bubbling ‘Creaming Soda’ with ‘Gone Without A Trace’. The artist’s charming melodies tell a tale of love’s demise, approaching the track’s sombre themes with vibrant instrumentation and a sense of gratitude for the romance that once existed. It exudes depth, and thrives in its delicate, R&B tones.

07. Jnr Choi - Amused ft. Fivio Foreign

Jnr Choi slides effortlessly on ‘Amused’. His woozy, autotuned vocals float over the atmospheric drill production, creeping up on you with ear-catching inflections. Fivio Foreign’s appearance contrasts the UK artist’s approach, letting off amplified shouts and a seamless flow. This juxtaposition is bound to get you jumping this weekend.

08. Ashli - Dance Again

Ashli’s ‘Dance Again’ is a song centered around the fun found within love. She explores the wholesome parts of romance, using a minimalist house tempo to stay clear of any tumultuous times. The Western Sydney singer’s melodies are understated but slither into earworm territory with their catchiness.

09. Doechii - Swamp Bitches ft. Rico Nasty

Doechii and Rico Nasty are unhinged and undeniable on ‘Swamp Bitches’. Produced by Kal Banx, the track starts off with gritty, gloomy boom-bap, before transitioning into a smorgasbord of distored sub bass and eerie synths. Both rappers thrive in their braggadocio on this style-switching instrumental, approaching every sound with an aggressive swagger. It appears on Doechii’s new EP she/her/black bitch, which you can stream now.

010. Kahukx - TRUE

Kahukx is SPITTING on ‘TRUE’. His gritty delivery oozes style, over the scattered percussion and bellowing 808s of the club-ready instrumental. It maintains a fast tempo and showcases the flow frenzy of this Sydney prospect.