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New music from Trippie Redd, Noname, Mali Jo$e, Zheani & more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Mali Jo$e - INNERwealth ft. JUPiTA

‘INNERwealth’ finds Mali discovering the value of being himself. He takes us through his journey of finding peace, communicated through a laid-back, raspy flow. JUPiTA graces the mic for the second verse, adding to the dreaminess of the track with her soulful melodies. It appears on Mali’s new project BREEZECATCHER, which you can stream now.

02. Miguel - Mft. Lil Yachty

This new Miguel track sounds like an audio interpretation of the sun rising. It starts off with some minimalist production and yelpy vocals from the singer, which builds like the light of dawn slicing through the clouds. The chorus is where the drums kick in, and Miguel’s soulful tones shine like its midday. Yachty chimes in towards the end with some autotuned raps, further increasing the heat of this Summer-ready single.

03. Lithe - As Above So Below

Lithe’s latest joint is rich with nocturnal energy. His vocals are submerged in a watery reverb, but the passion in his melodies still swim their way to the surface. The piano chords in the instrumental are cold, furthering the eerie energy that makes this cut so unique. It’s another example of why this Melbourne prospect is one to watch.


‘2 WORDS’ hits like a hammer. Siren-like synths bounce off heavy kicks and crashing snares, resulting an instrumental that’s built for chaos. SLOE JACK’s shouty raps feel akin to legends like Zach De La Rocha and the Beastie Boys, barraging through bars with just as much grit as the song’s grimy basslines. This one is bound to cause pandemonium in moshpits.

05. Trippie Redd - Wind ft. The Kid LAROI

‘Wind’ is a gust of gargantuan melodies. Trippie and LAROI are pushing their vocals to the limit, projecting passion with every note they sing, to the point their voices are breaking. Airy synths and vocal samples swirl around them, slowly propelling the track to the massive drop of drums on the hook. It’s an instant highlight off Trippie’s new album A Love Letter To You 5, which you can stream now.

06. Jaal - NOIR ft. D3JA, c000kie

‘NOIR’ has an intoxicating woozy feel, with moody key loops and bouncy drum patterns lurking in the background. Jaal’s raps tip-toe atop the downtuned hi-hats, inducing an undeniable head bop with every bar. D3JA’s triplet flows slide effortlessly in his verse, and c000kie’s raspy hook adds to the gloomy atmosphere of this understated banger. It’s smooth, with bars that slice through.

07. Noname - gospel? ft. $ilkmoney, billy woods & STOUT

‘gospel?’ is rich with soul. The song opens with the vibrant howls of a choir, before Noname, $ilkmoney, and Billy Woods drop introspective bars to a series of smooth keys. STOUT appears throughout, weaving together the passages of each rapper with a series of warm warbles. It’s a first-listen standout off of Noname’s new album Sundial, which you can stream now.

08. JessB - Ring Ring ft. Gold Fang

On ‘Ring Ring’, JessB’s raspy cadence and sleek bars are set to an afrobeat-tempo, with a whistling synth making the song perfectly suited for the club. Gold Fang pops in for a feature on the latter half of the track, injecting his high-energy warbles into the mix. ‘Ring Ring’ will call you to the dancefloor.

09. Zheani - BWC

Zheani’s ‘BWC’ polymerises the pace of dance music with the grit of death metal. Distorted bass hits and saw-like synths pulsate throughout, set to the thumping four-to-the-floor of some heavy kicks. Zheani is visceral in her delivery, traversing the trance-like production with shouty affirmations as if she was a dystopian club emcee. This track serves as a teaser to her upcoming mixtape The Spiritual Meat Grinder, which is dropping August 25h.

010. Mason Dane - BROWN EYES

Throughout the duration of ‘BROWN EYES’, Mason Dane operates like a shapeshifter. In the verses, he’s vehemently cycling through a plethora of witty bars and ear-catching flows. On the hook, he’s a popstar, letting off melodies that sound ready to soar on the soundtrack to the next Step Up movie. The glossy production is reminiscent of the mid-2000s and serves as the perfect backdrop for Mason’s frenzies.