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New music from Genesis Owusu, Jujulipps, Polo G, Bakar & more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Big Skeez - 90s Baby

The thumping bass and four-to-the-floor kicks on ’90s Baby’ feel is designed for the dancefloor. Skeez’s seamless switches between catchy melodies and smooth raps are bound to incite sing-a-longs. DatBreddaDom’s verse will put him on your radar and get any crowd moving. This cut is destined to conquer clubs.

02. Polo G - Barely Holdin' On

Polo G’s singing voice really shines on ‘Barely Holdin’ On’. It’s your typical cut from the Chicago rapper, pairing somber keys with the bounce of some heavy trap drums. But his croons are infused with a new sense of passion, bringing more impact to his vulnerable lyrics.

03. Bakar - Right Hear For Now (single)

This new Bakar song is bound to stay stuck in your head. This indie-rock tune has a vibrant atmosphere, thanks to some bright guitar chords that howl with distortion. The UK singer floats throughout the song with infectious melodies, making this the pefect feel-good anthem to start your weekend with.

04. 3NDLES5 & Crazy Mike - 808

The name of this new track from 3NDLES5 and Crazymike tells you all you need to now. The bass is heavy throughout this track, bellowing at a rapid pace to keep up with the urgent tempo of rattling percussion. 3NDLES5’s raps are understated but smooth, as he lets off flurries in the chaotic mix. To top it all off, an assortment of synths strike throughout, dreamy enough to levitate your attention away from the lowend.

05. Doechii - Booty Drop

Booty Drop’ is an undeniable banger. There’s flourishes of jersey club, with the kicks come in combos. Trap drum patterns switch things up in the bottom, making it impossible to resist the urge to head-bop. Doechii throughout proves why she is an exciting prospect, showing duality with some braggadocio bars and sleek, soulful singing.


PANIA gets vulnerable on this latest cut. The R&B production pairs guitar riffs and space synths to create a dense backdrop for the singer’s open-book expression. She uses her voice vehemently, singing through the struggles of lost love. PANIA continues to showcase new pillars in her artistry, making it exciting to see where her potential takes her next.


Genesis Owusu’s ‘Balthazar’ is a barrage of post-punk. The guitar riffs are simple but crushing, and the drums feel like cannon fires every time they hit. Owusu is animated throughout, with shouty yelps and woozy baritone melodies on the chorus. It’s a highlight off his new album STRUGGLER, which you can stream now.

08. AP, Dera Meelan, deadforest - WEH!

WEH!’ is an essential addition to your weekend playlist. Dera Meelan’s production is fast, mixing a bubbly vocal sample with punching kicks. AP and deadforest are on point, unleashing stern flex-heavy frenzies with an undeniable swagger. 

09. Jujulipps - Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode’ is a versatile track. The production is dynamic, with a funk-infused bass groove, fluttering guitar licks and even some saxophone occurring as the beat builds. Jujulipps’ raps are shouty, witty and animated, giving the song a uniquely wild catchiness.

010. Boy Ace - MARBELLA ft. Agung Mango

Boy Ace’s ‘MARBELLA’ is a massive track. Eerie synths lurk throughout the production, giving the song a nocturnal feel. Boy Ace’s warbles and a feature from Agung Mango compliment the ambience, injecting every ethereal moment with a dose of energy.