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New music from Gold Fang, Lucky Daye, Scuti, Jean Dawson and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Lucky Daye - Candy Drip

Lucky Daye’s ‘Candy Drip’ is a taste of R&B Luxury. With a poignant bassline, it focuses on the New Orleans’ artist’s vocals, which are rich with soul and passion as he sings through the euphoria of Romance. It’s a classic sound, sweetened by Daye’s signature style.

02. Blessed x Lil Spacely - Never Going Back ft. Lueth

‘Never Going Back’ is about driving through adversity, and leaving it in the rearview mirror. Over atmospheric production, Lil Spacely, BLESSED, and Leuth weave together in harmony, reflecting on the hurdles they’ve had to jump throughout their respective lives. It’s an inspirational track, with an earworm of a hook. 

03. Gold Fang - Light It

The title track from Gold Fang’s new two-track EP showcases why he is one of the most exciting acts out right now. Live drums crash in the background, setting the tempo for groovy basslines and summer-soaked guitars. Vocally, Gold Fang is styling over the top. Creating catchy inflections rooted in the sounds of Reggae, propelled by a swagger-heavy flow. 

04. Huskii - Heroin Rap

Huskii’s ‘Heroin Rap’ is a stoop-ready dose of boom-bap. The dusty sounds of Tasker and Jay Orient’s production set the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s storytelling, as he weaves both braggadocious and open-book bars seamlessly. It’s set to appear on his upcoming project Antihero, which is slated to drop in February.

05. Scruffs - Whats in the Bag? ft. Mammoth

Sydney producer Scruffs lays out bounce-heavy drum patterns for Mammoth to conquer on ‘What’s In The Bag?’. Feint synths are amplified by hard-hitting kicks, allowing the West Melbourne rapper plenty of room to thrive with intricate, multi-layered lyricism. It’s simple on the surface but satisfyingly detailed the more you listen. 

06. Jean Dawson - Menthol ft. Mac Demarco

The title of this song says everything you need to know. The smooth, breath-cooling mint comes in the form of Mac Demarco’s gleeful guitar chords and an up-tempo progression, while the grittiness of the tobacco exists within the passionate scream-sung vocals of Jean Dawson. Ultimately, it’s one catchy exhale, which like any cigarette, is best paired with a beer. 

07. Scuti - KitKat

South London’s Scuti floats on ‘KitKat’. The production consists of rattling hi-hats and hard-hitting 808s that bounce off a grimy sample, providing a minimalist backdrop for the rapper’s braggadocious bars. It’s set to appear on her upcoming project The Intoxication EP, dropping in January.

08. Threebeds - Warm

‘Warm’ feels like a sonic reenactment of a cabin heated by a fireplace in the middle of Winter. It’s isolated, with jangly guitars, melancholic synths, and thumping bass serving as fuel to the flames of this track. The Brisbane artist croons over the top, passionately articulating the experience of finding, and thriving within love. 

09. FLYBOY JACK - City Move ft. C00kie

FLYBOY Jack is the brainchild of Jordan Dennis and JUJO, and the experimental approach they take to rap music thrives on ‘City Move’. The production is reminiscent of elevator music with its relaxed keys and pattering percussion, all serving to propel the fast flows of Jordan Dennis and the unique melodies of C00kie. It appears on the super duo’s new mixtape ISSUE ZERO, which you can stream now. 

010. Rick Ross - Rapper Estates ft. Benny The Butcher

Rick Ross solidifies himself as one of the GOAT luxury lyricists with ‘Rapper Estates’. As the title entails, this track is dedicated to wealth, as Rozay lists off his accomplishments in the form of smooth flows, with every flex strengthened by the bass in his bellowing voice. Benny The Butcher appears for a verse here as well, detailing his journey from adversity to affluence via his stern New York cadence. It appears on Ross’ new album Richer Than I Ever Been, which is out now.