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New music from SZA, Skiifall, Cult Shotta, Mason Dane and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Savage The Girl - Rider

Savage The Girl’s warbles on this latest single emphasise the mess of romance. Her delivery is passionate as she narrates the feeling of impending doom that comes from a relationship’s potential end. These passages stand out as they soar above simple but effective keys, that allow the messages in this track to manifest in an impactful way.

02. RAIZA BIZA - Get Money

This latest RAIZA BIZA joint is dedicated to the pursuit of cash, curating an urgent but soulful vibe. A saxophone flutters all throughout the production, punctuated by the vibrant sounds of piano chords. RAIZA wastes no time getting in his bag, as he raps about getting the bag. He represents the constant chase for funds, wtih a gleaming cut that feels soaked in the sun.

03. Dylan Atlantis - Look At The Stars

Dylan Atlantis provides a bittersweet lullaby via their latest single, ‘Look At The Stars’. It’s an honest embrace into the world of Dylan Atlantis, who sings about reality, their fantasies, and the raw truths around them. The infectious guitar riff throughout the track makes you feel nostalgic and warm, especially when paired with Dylan’s lyricism and vocal delivery. A keen reminder that when in doubt, look at the stars.

04. Mason Dane - MY TURN

It’s been a massive year for Newcastle’s Mason Dane, and with no sign of slowing down before the year wraps, he’s dropped his latest single ‘MY TURN’. He wastes no time on his competitors, rapping about his untouchability and making himself a name to be reckoned with over the past year. The bounce and swing in the production carves out Mason Dane’s delivery really well, and makes for another solid addition to his roster of big heaters.

05. Shreta - did you think of us?

Shreta captures the sombre feelings of heartbreak on this newly-released track, but she doesn’t just stick around for the sad parts. This open-book anthem looks back to the solemn reality of the fleeting romance she’s experienced and uses it as a device to showcase her growth throughout this adversity. This hopeful approach that she’s found is emphasised by her silky and sentimental delivery, with every melody rising with a dose of reality. Shreta is definitely a talent to watch.

06. Seun Kuti x Black Thought - African Dreams (Remix)

Seun Kuti’s standout track ‘African Dreams’ gets even better with this enhancing remix. Joining this blockbuster track is Black Thought, who kicks off this reprise in his typical fashion of food-for-thought raps. Seun sounds sleek as per usual, letting off his powerful earworm melodies atop chanting vocal samples and bouncy drum patterns. It’s catchy, and it carries an important message for you to consume.

07. Cult Shotta - Levellin Up With Felons ft. Babyface Mal

Cult Shotta polymerises the sounds of drill and dance on their latest banger ‘Levellin Up With Felons’. Thumping kicks and booming 808s back a cloudy assortment of synths sampled from MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’. Over the top, Cult Shotta cook up a barrage of fast-moving flows, alongside the swagger-heavy bars of Babyface Mal. This is a cut that’s both energetic and euphoric.

08. Skiifall - Fam Without Blood

Canada-based artist Skiifall returns with ‘Fam Without Blood’, it’s a smooth and straight-up jam that has Skiifall riding a tiptoed flow, as he dishes out street stories in his signature sing-song way, jam-packed with Caribbean slang. Walking the line between carefree and sinister, Skiifall creates a slick atmosphere to round out your late-night driving playlist.

09. SZA - Smoking On My Ex Pack

After 5 years of being in the trenches with her debut album CTRL, SZA fans worldwide have rejoiced in the drop of her sophomore album, SOS. Her track ‘Smoking On My Ex Pack’ shows SZA rap atop a Jay Versace beat, as she ruthlessly acknowledges the things people say about her. Hearing her rap rather than sing on this track revitalises you in a way only SZA could, as her usual emotional storytelling is instead told through sharp-hitting bars over a sample flip. Although it runs for under a minute and a half, it packs a mighty punch, and is a strong break in the middle of SZA’s 23-track album.

010. SXMPRA - LOCKJAW! ft. Dozy Doe

New Zealand’s Sxmpra brings an eerie energy to ‘LOCKJAW’. The instrumental pairs gloomy synths with menacing sub-bass that lurks throughout the whole duration of this moshpit-inciting single. Sxmpra and Dozy Doe command this lugubriousness with ease, channelling the grimy sounds of Memphis horrorcore and phonk via slicing triplet flows. This one will bring the bounce out of you.