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New music from KAYTRANADA, Genesis Owusu, Vv Pete and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for December 1, 2023. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.


01. Vv Pete - Bacardi Papi

This new Vv Pete track is nuts. On production, you’ll find Kelman Duran setting a high-energy tempo that places the destiny of this song on the club-dancefloor. UTILITY is also behind the boards, dropping mortar-like bass blasts and smothering mix with the griminess with come to know him for. Vv of course continues to prove that she can rap on anything, maintaining her poignant flexes and stern flows admist this ear-catching pandemonium.

02. KAYTRANADA - LOVER/FRIEND ft. Rochelle Jordan

You know what to expect with KAYTRANADA’s production, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The man is bringing his typical vibrant house vibes with swirling symphonies of synths and drums that absolutely gyrate in the mix. This new song also serves as a showcase for R&B songstress Rochelle Jordan, who floats in the atmosphere with smooth melodies. It’s a bop!

03. BAYANG (tha Bushranger) - CCTV ft. lil ket, Sidney Phillips

‘CCTV’ serves as a piece of surveillance on some of Australia’s most unique talents right now. You’ve got BAYANG, lil ket, and Sidney Phillips forming a triumphant trio, polymerising drowsy, autotuned playfulness with poignant, aggressive bars. These stylistic switch-ups occur atop truly chaotic production from Ninjarachi, which features flurries of glitchy noise and some heavy-hitting bass. It appears on BAYANG’s new EP Antarctica, which you can stream now.

04. Chef Chung - Skateboard P (2013)

Chef Chung is undeniably slick on ‘skateboard P (2013). His flow flips atop thumping kicks and some dreamy synths that slide like grinding on a smooth rail. The track maintains a head bop-inducing bounce throughout, like an ollie with a perfect pop. Chung’s energy is effortlessly swagger-rich like Bob Burnquist blasting the mega ramp. Tune into Chef Chung’s newly released project WARRIOR POUNDS THE MORTAR now to witness the rest of his tricks.

05. Jewel Owusu - outside ft.TENN

Jewel Owusu and TENN pen a futuristic R&B duet with ‘outside’. The production meshes reverb-drench synths and a spacious atmosphere with the urgency of drill-like drum patterns in a contrast that is unique and undeniably catchy. Jewel and TENN’s vocals are shrouded in effects, but the passion in their melodies cuts through. The result is a song that almost sounds extraterrestrial, with emotions emerging in a beautiful display of humanity.

06. Genesis Owusu - Survivor

Drums firing off like bullets. Shouting vocals that amplify the energy with every line. An atmosphere that builds into a loud, arena-ready uproar. ‘Survivor’ possesses all the traits we’ve come to love about Genesis Owusu’s music and is an indicator that even after a highlight 2023, this man has plenty more in the tank. This track is just the latest of many that make us want to jump in the moshpit.

07. Erick the Architect - Shook Up ft. Joey Bada$$, Farr

‘Shook Up’ is this week’s dose of laid-back raps. Erick The Architect’s bars are as smooth as ever, and his calm energy is matched by Joey Bada$$, who handles the second verse with an effortless triplet flow. R&B duo FARR string the song together, with Linden Jay’s cloudy production and Romeo’s howling vocals creating a psychedelic ambience.


B.WISE approaches ‘SANDCASTLES’ from within an elite rapper pocket. His lyrics find him introspective, reflecting on past experiences and his present surroundings. Reinvigoration courses through his cadence as he snaps atop some chipmunked vocal samples and crashing boom-bap drums. He uses hip-hop to present himself as an open book, with the energy of classic Hot 97 freestyles.

09. JessB - Hold Me Down

JessB has always been a reliable provider of good-ass bars. ‘Hold Me Down’ solidifies this position, with the rapper bringing a confident cadence and a smooth delivery. This takes place atop some straightforward but satisfying house production, making this track an essential bop to bring in your weekend with.

010. JKTS - Rain

JKTS’ ‘Rain’ captures the energy of a serene Autumn walk. The keys are lo-fi and lavish, with understated drums to create a calm bounce. The rapper’s delivery is smooth and laid-back, making every bar hit like a cool breeze. It’s an instant highlight off his new EP DOES IT RAIN IN TEXAS? Which you can stream now.