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New music from KYE, Mason Dane, Flo Milli, Don Toliver and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. KYE - Ribena

Nourishing and sweet is Zimbabwean-born, Naarm-based artist KYE’s latest single ‘Ribena’. It’s a bubbly, candy-coated track that offers both a glimpse of house and pop, with a 00’s R&B-esque acoustic melody to open the song before the beat kicks in. Just like the age-old blackcurrant beverage, this song quenches your thirst in every way possible, and if we’re entering a KYE-induced sugar rush, we’re happy to start here.

02. IDK – Radioactive

Radioactive’ finds IDK outside of his comfort zone. The instrumental is almost ambient, with swirling keys and synths being catapulted into the mix by fast-paced kick drums. The rapper approaches this unique style with the same skill he’s been showing us for half-a-decade, letting off earworm melodies and a slew of scattered raps that thrive with every flow-switch.

03. Flo Milli - Nasty Dancer

Bringing equal parts sass, flow, and a Janet Jackson type of nastiness is Flo Milli on ‘Nasty Dancer’. Flo never shies away from being boisterous, boastful, and belligerent in her delivery, and this track is no different. Offering up clever rhymes, stirring storytelling and a constant uncompromising nature, this track is a clear example as to why Flo is a standout in music today.

04. Mali Jose x Kobie Dee - NEVA THAT

This latest cut from Mali Jo$e builds on the career-best run he kickstarted in 2022 with his SUNSEEKER EP. JCAL handles the beat, pairing bellowing 808s with warped synths, providing an off-kilter base for Mali to unleash his signature flurries of lyricism. Kobie Dee also pops in for a verse, providing a slower contrast to Mali’s barrage, but propelling every bar with his knack for wordplay. This is a head-bopping banger, that makes us excited for the future of all 3 artists.

05. Planet Giza feat. SABA - WYD

Montreal’s resident funk-hip hop trio have linked up with Chicago’s rap underdog, Saba to deliver a sensual nod to late-90s R&B on ‘WYD’. The track follows a story of undeniable chemistry and desire, and you hear it all merged between the adlibs, the silky production, the smooth crooning courtesy of the trio’s Tony Stone, with Saba’s standout verse sealing it all together. It provides a “melted butter on slightly burnt toast” type of feeling, and makes for an exciting first leap into this new era of PG.

06. Mason Dane - ONLY YOU

ONLY YOU’ is another Mason Dane cut that propels the inevitability of his future popstar status. The jack of musical trades is flexing his singing range on this one, crooning over lavishly orchestrated synth arrangements. Beneath the romantic serenade of this song are rattling hi-hats and subwoofer-suited bass hits, making this track perfectly suited for love, in the club (shoutout to Usher).

07. Cris Gamble - Champán ft. Hellvis

Cris Gamble’s ‘Champán’ is a single with the power to extend our soon-ending Summer. A reggaeton-infused beat serves as the foundation for this fiery-club track, which finds Gamble basking in dance-inducing energy of his bilingual bars. Newcomer HELLVIS also pops up here, bringing his ferocious vigour to the cut making it one that’s a must-play for dancefloors, and a maruading presence in moshpits.

08. Don Toliver – 4 Me ft. Kali Uchis

Don Toliver’s ‘4 Me’ is a vibrant R&B track that is somehow both futuristic, and a throwback. Wheezy’s oddball production pairs bleeping synths with soul sample passages in a way that feels completely unique, but also hearkens back to the prime days of The Neptunes. Don’s vocal performance here is passionate, as he warbles through this endearing love song, garnering help from the luxury-rich reverbated vocals of Kali Uchis. Don Toliver is thinking outside the box with this one, and as a result, is only getting better.

09. Strandz - Us Against The World (Digga D Remix)

Strandz adds his South-London flavour to the stoop-sitting sounds of boom-bap on ‘Us Against The World’. His woozy rap-sung delivery has made this song a standout since its release, and has now been enriched with an appearance from Digga D. The Ladbroke Grove legend-in-the-making fits right in on the bouncy instrumental, letting off anecodtes of adversity over the sleek, soulful production.

010. FIVI ft Kayymurda - Irrational

FIVI raps with the hunger of a young 50 Cent on ‘Irrational’, and the result is a massacre. Thumping kicks and smashing snares form a bouncy drum pattern, in which the Adelaide prospect approaches with smooth flows and an energetic swagger. KAYYMURDA handles the second verse, bringing the heat with his shouty, hype-inducing cadence. Be on the look out for more from these up and comers.