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New tracks from SZA, Lil Spacely, CD, Church & AP and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for February 23, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.


01. SZA - Saturn

There might not be anything better than a SZA surprise drop. ‘Saturn’ came out of nowhere, and it’s full of soul. This track is an intergalactic journey into ecstasy, with otherworldy synth scales and atmospheric guitar jangles.

02. Rushy - Estelle ft. AntsLive

Rushy’s ‘Estelle’ is a celebratory anthem. Rushy’s flows feel right at home on the soul sample, which soars into the mix supported by some massive drill drum patterns. AntsLive also appears here, standing out with a hunger for an up-and-coming prospect. This is a rap frenzy you can’t help but feel.

03. YNG Martyr - SUPERBAD

YNG Martyr’s new song ‘SUPERBAD’ embodies a flagrant atmosphere. Heavy sub-bass blasts hit like cannonballs, making this one destined for the clubs. YNG Martyr is rapping in unhinged yelps, reminiscent of the chaos of the movie the track is named after. It’s a straight-up banger.

04. SiR - Karma ft. Isaiah Rashad

SIR’s ‘Karma’ is R&B perfectly suited for kicking back. Mellow pianos meander about the mix, with serene guitar flutters providing companionship along the way. The singer’s voice is calming as he effortlessly stretches his vocal capabilities. Isaiah Rashad also appears here, sounding right at home in the relaxing atmosphere with a series of woozy bars.

05. Lil Spacely - Win

This new Lil Spacely song is massive, and ready to be an absolute marauder in moshpits. This is the rapper’s victory laps, as he relishes in the braggadocio of being a true winner. His emphatic flows take place atop a blood-pumping trap beat, bound to sound like an earthquake through venue speakers in the future.

06. A.GIRL - Type Of Feeling

A.GIRL’s ‘Type Of Feeling’ encompasses a lot of emotions. The moody synths are dreamy, while the fast-paced drum patterns are undeniably dance-ready. The singing sections sound sentimental, while the raps come in exciting triplet flows. This track will have you feeling in awe of A.GIRL’s expansive talents.


This new KYE song feels like the ideal companion for a good time. The ballroom-inspired rhythm is spirited and uplifting, feeling destined to send you into a frenzy at the function. The singer’s voice is smooth and sweet, bound to incite sing-a-longs when it hits the speakers. Use this single to usher in your weekend the right way.

08. JessB - Come Find Me

JessB’s ‘Come Find Me’ is a display of versatility. Afrobeat drums are paired with futuristic, fluttering synths. JessB mixes earworm melodies with raspy raps. Every component works, and causing this one to be a track you’re bound to have on repeat.

09. CD - Love Language

This new one from Melbourne’s CD is some truly euphoric R&B. Dreamy synths resonate throughout ‘Love Language’, perfectly complimenting CD’s howling melodies as the drums propel through the dense reverb, with thumping kicks maintaining a smooth rhythm.

010. Church & AP, deadforest - POSTAL

‘POSTAL’ is a showcase of the best NZ hip-hop talent. Church & AP here, mixing high-octane energy with a heavy swagger in their raps. deadforest joins them, sounding as smooth as ever with his hazy cadence and laid-back aura. Dera Meelan is on the production, mixing a siren-like synth with some 808s that absolutely blast. It’s a head-bopping banger!