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New music from Gold Fang, BLESSED, Bawo, Nia Archives, Shadow and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Maina Doe, IJALE, King Ivy - WYA

A cross-nation collaboration, and the latest offering from Valve Sounds new signees, comes Maina Doe, IJALE and King Ivy with ‘WYA’. A track that triumphs in its moody R&B production, the vocal performances never fail to deliver as each artist takes the mic. Soaked in harmonies, hazy guitar melodies, and an overwhelming feeling of coolness, ‘WYA’ showcases each artist in their prime state, providing a gentle reminder of who they are and what they’re about.

02. Bawo - Figured Out

Bawo is as smooth as ever on ‘Figured Out’. Reverberated synths are contrasted by fierce 808s in the production, and the UK rapper glides into the mix with a mellow energy. His faintly-sung flows are simple but hypnotic, leading the song into a state of laid-back ecstasy. It appears on his new EP Legitimate Cause, which you can stream now.

03. Gold Fang - Mi Nuh Like

This new Gold Fang track is bound to make moshpits erupt in a gargantuan manner. The Swick-produced instrumental finds eerie keys lingering, and sub bass that glides and morphs into blasting sonic cannonballs. Gold Fang shows a a side of himself that’s more menacing as he enters the mix, firing with stern raps and a cold cadence that juxtaposes his usual sun-soaked approach. It’s versatility, displayed in a visceral form.

04. PinkPantheress - Boys A Liar pt 2 ft. Ice Spice

Contemporary UKG-pop princess Pinkpantheress and NYC’s current rap sweetheart Ice Spice have joined together to deliver a part two to PinkPantheress’ hypnotic single ‘Boys A Liar’. A pairing that feels almost like a dream, it fails to disappoint, as Ice Spice brings her own flavour to the track by calling out sneaky, unfaithful lovers. To live in a world amongst these two powerhouses is crazy, to live in a world where they collaborate? Even crazier.

05. BLESSED - Heya

Blessed makes a graceful nod to his heritage on ‘Heya’. A sonic journey that takes you from the shores of Australia, to the heart of the Motherland, he easily merges afrobeats and hip-hop soundscapes to channel a story that is described to represent the “dichotomy of man and nature”. It makes for a touching, spiritual invitation into BLESSED’s journey of love, the self, mankind, and nature, and is very telling what we are set to bear witness to in this next conceptual chapter of BLESSED’s artistry.

06. Nia Archives - Conveniency

‘Conveniency’ catapults itself into singalong territory right from the get-go. The singer warbles in rejection of being a reliable backup in romance, letting confidence rightfully lead her into only settling as the sole focus. This self-care PSA takes place over a bubbly, garage-influenced beat, that propels the positive message of her raspy, passionate melodies.

07. Dexamphetamine - Bayang (Tha Bushranger), Nerdie

BAYANG (Tha Bushranger) assumes the role of post-punk raconteur on ‘Dexamphetamine’, telling gritty anecdotes from an abyss of distortion constructed by 1300’s Nerdie. The Sydney oddball adds a gutteral layer to his delivery, delving into a scattered chaos of crashing drums and basslinees that are bound to blast through any subwoofer. Released as a two-punch combo alongside ‘Ghola’, the pandemonium that strikes on this track serves as a soothsayer for a massive 2023 in BAYANG’s musical journey.

08. Shadow - Decency

Shadow’s urgent raps are ravenous on ‘Decency’. The Beat Demons production is straightforward trap, with looped bass stabs and snapping snares that are bound to induce head bops. The Perth rapper is in true form, mixing witty wordplay with the in-your-face delivery that has made him a permanent prospect in Australian hip-hop.

09. Rican Da Menace - Uh Ohhh

Rican Da Menace’s braggadocious energy on ‘Uh Ohhh’ serves as an unbreakable bastion. Her demeanour can’t be infiltrated, as she lets off swagger-rich raps in effortless combos. This takes place over a simple but hard-hitting beat from Bangladesh, solidifying it as an undeniable club-ready banger.


zip. is Aundrey Guillaume’s ode to creative exploration. He traverses the sounds of hip-hop and R&B. mixing ear-catching melodies with energetic triplet flows. His versatility slides atop a summer-soaked trap beat, creating a vibrant atmosphere that serves as an exciting taste of his forthcoming EP COLD SUMMER.