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New music from Steve Lacy, Mali Jo$e, Flo Milli, BBGB and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!


01. Steve Lacy - Sunshine ft. Fousheé

Steve Lacy’s new track sounds reminiscent of the title. Jangly guitars spiral, airy synths resonate, and his delivery soars over the top, ending every line in a swagger-heavy falsetto. Foushee appears here, with her raspy melodies melting right into the vibrant atmosphere. It appears on Lacy’s new album Gemini Rights, which you can stream now.

02. BBGB - Tough Love

Supergroups don’t get much more stylish than BBGB. Comprising of BLESSED, B.Wise, Manu Crooks, Kwame, and Lil Spacely, their new single ‘TOUGH LOVE’ is a quick-hitting display of their top-class talents. Manu is menacing on the hook, while the others jump in for quick, rapid-fire verses that leave you wanting more. It all takes place over a gritty, bass-heavy trap beat that’s incredibly tough, and that we undeniably love.

03. Mali Jo$e - INTERVENTIONS ft. Mick Jenkins

This latest single from Mali Jo$e deals with the struggles of life intervening with his spirit and energy. He delivers food-for-thought raps over somber, atmospheric production, finding vulnerability in his vehement approach. Mick Jenkins also appears, enhancing the track with his smooth voice and intricate rapping ability. Moments like this make Mali Jo$e an exciting prospect in the Australian rap scene.

04. Flo Milli - No Face

Flo Milli is firing on all cylinders with ‘No Face’. It’s a flagrant frenzy of bars that finds the rapper at her most braggadocious, bringing boastful lines over the banging 808s of the straightforward production. Upon first listen, you can already tell this one is going to be an anthem.

05. Nerve - YUCK!

Nerve is back in his bag with ‘YUCK’. It’s simple and effective, with rattling hi-hats and subwoofer-ready 808s serving as the backdrop for the rapper’s witty wordplay and motivated flows. If you’ve heard nerve you know what he’s bringing, and you know it always bangs.

06. Vv Pete - Bussit

Vv Pete’s debut single ‘Bussit’ is a banger. UTILITY handles the production, creating a dance-ready bounce with rattling percussion and bellowing 808s. Pete shines over the top, delivering stern, braggadocious bars bound to uplift your day. Keep an eye out for more from this prospect; we can tell this isn’t the only heat she’s holding.

07. Stevan - Crash ft. Tommy Richman

Stevan’s ‘Crash’ feels like a cloud. It takes you on a mellifluous journey captained by his shouty melodies and contagious energy, gliding over the washed-out indie sounds of the production. A feature from Virginia artist Tommy Richman enhances this, with his unique vocals providing a new trajectory for this catchy concorde.

08. Baby Prince - Fall Thru ft. Mason Dane

Baby Prince thrives in the romance-tinged croons of ‘Fall Thru’. All of the Brisbane rapper’s melodies hit, supported by bouncy drums and ear-catching keys from producer Liam Thomas. Mason Dane appears from the future, matching Prince’s lovestruck energy, and solidifying the two as a dynamic duo.

09. Mike Akox - Septa

Mike Akox taps into an Amapiano sound to create an ear-catching record in the form of ‘SPETA’. The Ghanian artist’s voice soars over the top of shakers and moody synths, commanding the club-ready tempo of the track. It’s a stylish single that brings the grooves of Summer into our current Winter weather.

010. Joey Bada$$ - Zipcodes

It’s always good hearing Joey Bada$$, and ‘Zipcodes’ is the latest single heading into his long-awaited new album 2000 dropping next week, showcasing the artist at his finest. Kirk Knight and Mark Borino handle the production, orchestrating a soulful set of samples reminiscent of the Big Apple’s sprawling skyscrapers, with drums that bounce off the stoops of the city streets. Joey delivers his usual barrage of story-rich bars and punctuates the track’s hungry feel with his Brooklyn cadence.