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New music from 4batz, ZPLUTO, ScHoolboy Q, IAMDDB and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for March 1, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. 4batz - act iii: on god? (she like)

4batz continues to prove why he’s become such a viral sensation. It’s some spacey, sensual R&B, with harp-like plucks and reverb-drenched vocal echoes in the background. batz himself approaches the track with his sweet swirling croons, hypnotising you with every note he hits in this slow ballad.



The production on ‘ViBRATION’ is immediately intoxicating. Delayed vocal samples quietly echo in the background, almost as if they’re whispers. This puts IAMDDB’s voice as the centre of attention, as her warbles soar into a sense of euphoria to the tempo of some truly snappy drums. It’s an instant highlight on her new project LOVE is WAR, Volume 6, which you can stream now.

03. ScHoolboy Q - oHio ft. Freddie Gibbs

ScHoolboy Q’s ‘oHio’ is a reminder of how freaking good he is. The song clocks in at 4:51 but feels like it breezes by quickly thanks to the swirling versatility displayed throughout. Q starts off singing like Nate Dogg on some soulful production before the bass kicks in and he delivers his bars in barrages. The song slows down into some smooth keys at the end, a spacious atmosphere Freddie Gibbs takes advantage of with some rapid-pace triplet flows. This ambition is only a taste of ScHoolboy Q’s new album BLUE LIPS, which you can stream now.

04. ZPLUTO - Possibilities

ZPLUTO’s ‘Possibilities’ finds him admirably expressing his vulnerabilities. He delves into struggles with substances and loves through melodies reminiscent of your favourite emo band. The production is minimalist, with nothing but a simple ambient loop and scattered drums to support it. This leaves ZPLUTO’s singing at the forefront, whose passion is bound to hit you in the feels.

05. Anycia - UP, LIT. FREESTYLE

The title tells you all you need to know about this latest Anycia song. Its vibrant Pluggnb production is head-bop inducing, with rattling hi-hats, mortar-like 808s and bubbly synth passages. Anycia’s delivery is woozy but sleek, almost sleepily approaching the beat with clever, braggadocious lines. It’s a simple banger perfect to bring your weekend in with.

06. LEE. - Up

‘Up’ is one epic introduction to the upcoming LEE. An orchestra of synths resonate, leaving the rapper to let out his emotions through impassioned croons. He intertwines melodic inflections throughout every line he spits, showcasing both the singing chops of an R&B superstar and an ear-catching knack for raps. This song may be the start, but LEE. sounds as if he’s already arena-ready.

07. Headie One - Socials

Headie One is doing Headie One things on his first single of 2024. A bass-heavy beat blasts throughout, and the UK rapper is unleashing bars without breaks all throughout. His deep voice is as engaging as ever, and his flow features the undeniable swagger we’ve come to love him for. Not much to say here, other than it’s a satisfying banger!

08. Agung Mango - GUT

Agung Mango’s ‘GUT’ has got some edge to it. It’s a stark contrast to the jazzy output we used to hear from the rapper, who trades the soft keys for distorted, chainsaw-like guitars. Agung’s raps here are vehemently visceral, commanding the instrumental to become a chaotic uproar. It’s different, and a representation of this artist’s duality.

09. Juwan - Don’t Make No Sense

Everybody wants to be the hardest, but they don’t want to be the hardest worker,” Juwan says ushering in his latest track ‘Don’t Make No Sense’. This little spoken word intro is the perfect summary of this Queensland rapper, who is constantly grinding away at growing as both a person and an artist. The results are evident here, as he delves into rap frenzies that are frank about the strife and accomplishments of his journey thus far. It’s a motivational track that features Juwan traversing through his finest flows yet.


010. Cash Cobain - Fisherrr ft. Bay Swag

This new Cash Cobain and Bay Swag song is truly wavey. Smooth keys loop throughout, to the rattling of hi-hats. Both artists go back and forth with slick, almost psychedelic autotuned melodies. The song makes you stay patient for the kicks to kick in, but when they blast off, the bounce is enough to send you into a trance-like state. The future of these two prospects just keeps looking more and more promising.