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New music from Kendrick Lamar, Srirachi, A$AP Rocky, Jack Harlow and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Pip Millet - Downright

Pip Millett flourishes on ‘Downright’, a solid piece of solemn soul. Downtuned synths lurk in the background, serving as a melancholic backdrop for the Manchester songstress’ introspective lyrics about the demise of a relationship. This atmospheric R&B cut showcases Millett’s versatility, and continues the trend of her getting better with every track.

02. A$AP Rocky - D.M.B

‘D.M.B’ is a love song, capped off with ASAP Rocky’s unique vision as a songwriter. Dedicated to queen Rhianna, the track finds Rocky detailing her luxurious swagger through his own smooth delivery, taking place over eerie, Memphis like production. He gets more sincere in the second half, as the song transitions into the psychedelic strums of a guitar and he switches into love-strung confessionals. It’s different, heartfelt, and filled with the confident experimentalism that’s stood out throughout Flacko’s career.

03. AJ Tracey - Reasonable

There’s no explanation for AJ Tracey’s consistency. This new track is another hit in his constantly evolving catalog, finding his stern delivery floating over chaotic drill drumlines. Boasting throughout the bars, AJ is letting off flexes as if the banger status of this track is inevitable; that prediction is reasonable.

04. Headie One - Came In The Scene

Headie One lets off motivated flows on ‘Came In The Scene’, elevating his lyricism while sounding right at home in the pandemonium of the track’s bellowing 808s. The drill tempo is second nature to the UK rapper now, as he floats in his delivery, reminiscing on his entry into the game. It’s a hard-hitting cut that finds Headie sounding right at home.

05. lilbubblegum x Letoa - Chriopractor

New Zealand’s lilbubblegum snaps on ‘Chiropractor’, letting off bone-cracking triplet flows over an ear-catching guitar loop. His rapid-fire delivery bounces alongside the rattling hi-hats with a high-octane energy strong enough to incite mosh pits as soon as you press play. Letoa makes an appearance here, matching bubblegum’s intensity throughout his hard-hitting, baritone cadence.

06. Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 5

Kendrick Lamar is back with another addition in his The Heart series, bringing a barrage of food-for-thought bars. He dissects the state of culture, delving into violence and systematic oppression through an impassioned delivery and interweaved wordplay. Producer Beach Noise handles the beat, backing Kendrick Lamar’s statements with uplifting, funk-laced instrumentation. With his new album dropping this Friday, Kendrick’s ‘The Heart Pt. 5’ serves as the start of a Lamar-led 2022.

07. Sriachi - U Want More Sir?

Acclaim All-Star Srirachi has always displayed an enormous sense of swagger, but she brings it to another level on ‘U Want More Sir?’. Back by the sounds of brass and flutes, the rapper brings a contagious energy to her bars, as every line thrives with crowd-raising potential. It’s an ear-catching anthem that has us even more excited for what she’ll bring next.

08. ayrtn - CAUTION!

ayrtn’s ‘CAUTION!’ is a masterclass in creating a low-key slap. The track is understated in a satisfying manner, with lo-fi keys and scattered percussion setting a truly mellow atmosphere. The South-East London rapper uses the spaciousness of the instrumental to glide, letting off his raps in a seamless manner. It’s a head-bopper perfectly suited for the looming Winter season.

09. Maya Hirasedo - Put It Down

Maya Hirasedo’s ‘Put It Down’ is a slow-burning R&B track dedicated to lust. The romance depicted through her lyrics is brought to life by her soulful warbles, and the lusciousness of the guitars and keys that swirl behind her melodies. It appears on her new EP Times I Fell, which you can stream now.

010. Jack Harlow - Churchill Downs ft. Drake

Jack Harlow and Drizzy are a dynamic duo on ‘Churchill Downs’. Their raps are set to the tone of a late-night-suited Boi1da beat, leaving plenty of space for each superstar to delve into their introspective lyricism, tackling naysayers, their state of mind, and the journey overall. It serves as a shining moment on Jack’s sophomore album Come Home The Kids Miss You, which you can stream now.