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New music from Huskii, Polo G, Claz, Chillinit and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Silk Sonic - Blast Off

Silk Sonic’s ‘Blast Off’ is a prime example of why this super duo works so damn well. The track is rooted in the classic sounds of soul, with glimmering keys, a bouncy drum pattern, and groovy basslines that feel as if they’re directly samples from an episode of Soul Train. Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars both lead a verse, and while Paak’s raspy delivery may contrast that of Bruno’s bubbly inflections, they interweave in conjoined harmonies of pure, vintage warmth. This track closes out the blockbuster show that is their debut album An Evening With Silk Sonic, which is out now. 

02. Berwyn - MIA

Berwyn’s ‘MIA’ delves deep into his insomnia, and pays tribute to the ones he’s lost in his life. Approaching the song in an open-book manner, the emotional weight of the content is displayed through his performance, as he passionately croons and raps through his vulnerabilities. The melancholic atmosphere is enhanced by production from Fred again.., who contrasts reverberated soundscapes with crashing drums. 

03. Huskii - Ruin My Life

Huskii’s new single showcases his ability in its best form. Producer Tasker weaves an instrumental that switches from soulful, stoop-sat boom bap to eerie trap passages, providing a blockbuster soundtrack for the Sydney rapper to pen his multiverse. He spits vehemently, going into detail about his past struggles, all while taking the time to remind us why he’s one of the best in the game. 

04. Elysia - Cherry Moon ft. pastels, Southside Denny

Elegantly welcoming us into her world of transcendent vocals and melodic rhythm, Elysia aka Miss Lysha, serenades us with her debut single, ‘Cherry Moon’. Teaming up with fellow Melbourne artists, pastels and Southside Denny, the track offers a selection of heavenly harmonies and romanticising lyricism. The song opens with poetic reflections from Southside Denny and the gentle keys of pastels, creating a moody-atmospheric vibe and infatuating the listener.

05. Claz - Chiaroscuro

Claz’s ‘Chiaroscuro’ is inspired by seeing the light in the dark, and spinning adversity into moments of alacrity. Claz uses the song as a celebration, paying homage to both his mother and his mental state over producer Jay Orient’s polymerisation of classic hip-hop production and four-to-the-floor house. It’s a highlight off his new album The Son of Lilian, which you can stream now. 

06. Chandler Jewels - Toxic

Following up from ‘Fine Art’ is ‘Toxic’, which finds Chandler Jewels continuing to finesse his woozy sound. The production consists of scattered hi-hats and percussion that bounce off psychedelic synths and is boosted by heavy sub-bass. Over the top, the NSW lets off passionate croons, as he details a love-based situation that’s got him heated. The feeling is mutual because this track is fire. 

07. Polo G - Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)

Polo G switches it up in this latest single, coming off the wall with a new style. Borrowing elements from Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, the Chicago rapper provides fast and fiery raps so strong that not even the zombies from the ‘Thriller’ video stand a chance. Each passage is punctuated by a flourishing hook of synths, where Polo G’s infectious melodies shine like the morning glow. 

08. Chillinit - Cashed Out Stoner

Chillinit commands a major UK/AUS linkup on ‘Cashed Out Stoner, which finds his lyrics ember-filled alongside Northampton’s Izzie Gibbs. With witty wordplay, success commemorating flexes, and an interpolation of 50 Cent’s ‘Many Men’, the Sydney rapper soars over the classical samples and bellowing 808s of the instrumentals. Izzie on the backend matches that energy, bringing braggadocious bars to this victory lap of a single. It’s set to appear on his upcoming album Family Ties, which drops on November 26th. 

09. Z.Lewis - Vis A Vis

Z.Lewis leaves no stone unturned on ‘VIS A VIS’, because he’s throwing them at you in the form of bars. The Hackney-born, Melbourne-based emcee spits soliloquies about his life and the struggles he’s faced in a fiery fashion, matching the chaotic energy of the 808s and siren-like synths of the drill production. It’s a personal track, propelled by pandemonium. 

010. Nokz- Deep End

‘Deep End’ is another display of Nokz’s versatility. Delving into the world of summer-soaked pop-rap, the Brisbane artist showcases his ear-catching melodies over vibrant guitars, before taking a verse to let off his signature raps. With a discography that already spans a variety of genres in such a short amount of time, Nokz is an artist to watch.