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New music from Aminé, Boy Soda, Travis Scott, Lost Girl, and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Lost Girl - Forever

‘Forever’ is a refreshing dose of futuristic-sounding UK Garage. Percussion is scattered amongst pounding kicks, creating an infectious bounce on which the Reading songstress flourishes on. Detailing the turmoils of a romance, Lost Girl’s vocals project a sense of passion, which is only fueled by the fast tempo of the instrumental. You can find ‘Forever’ on her new project Est 1999, which is out now.


‘WELCOME TO THE GLOW UP’ is an open invitation to the audience, inviting them on a sonic journey where the Sydney artist traverses a sense of self-confidence. This feeling is positive is amplified by the alacrity of the song, with production that paints with a bright palette, and a vocal performance that beams with soul. It isn’t a flex, but a prospect celebrating himself.

03. Kenzie From Welly - Word to your Mother

Kenzie From Welly’s latest single is a masterclass in the roots of rap music. Armed with determined energy and an instrumental that thrives in the sounds of boom-bap, the Wellington rapper is fierce and fiery with her flows, with the only breaks being the smooth melodies she sings on the chorus. It’s set to appear on her upcoming album Greenstone Door, which is set for release in 2022. 

04. Aminé - NEO

Short and sweet summarises Amine’s ‘NEO’, which blossoms as a quick-hitting piece of bubblegum trap. A sprightly synth loop dominates the instrumental, providing plenty of room for the Portland rapper to let off woozy melodies and triplet flows. It appears on his new mixtape TWOPOINTFIVE, which you can stream now. 

05. Travis Scott - Escape Plan

Travis Scott has returned in a big way. ‘ESCAPE PLAN’ is a heavy display of arena-ready trap, with a smashing snare, bellowing 808s, and eerie synth samples. La Flame treats the beat like an amusement park ride at Astroworld Festival, spinning a web of catchy, autotuned flows faster than the Gravitron. If this is a taste of what’s to come on his highly anticipated album Utopia, we’re more than excited.

06. French Montana ft. Fivio Foreign - Panicking

HAAN! The captain of the Coke Boys French Montana is back with ‘Panicking’, an in-your-face blast of New York Drill. It starts with a fiery Fivio Foreign verse, which brings the high-octane energy he’s come to be known for this year. French then slides in, tackling the beat effortlessly like the 10+ year veteran he is. It’s set to appear on his upcoming album THEY GOT AMNESIA, which drops on November 12th. 

07. Naté Vibrations - Hop Out

Summer-soaked and undeniably sleek, ‘Hop Out’ demands your attention. The keys are loud, the hi-hats are rattling, and the bass is heavy, feeling as if the song just stepped off the porch, and into the atmosphere of a party. Vocally, Melbourne’s Naté is rich with swagger, using catchy rap-sung vocals to create a vibrant earworm.

08. Latto - Soufside

Latto comes in with attitude on ‘Soufside’, an undeniable banger that brings back the bottle-popping bop of 2000s Crunk. However, there are no Lil Jon adlibs or Ying Yang Twins whispers to be found here, instead just her ember-filled delivery that pops the track off like Brock Lesnar’s pyro. Shoutout to Three Six Mafia, because this one is going to tear the club up.

09. Scruffs ft. Savage The Girl - Wonderful Day

Sydney producer Scruffs arranges a luscious backdrop for Savage The Girl on his new track ‘Wonderful Day’. It opens with jazz-infused keys and builds into a chorus where bubbly synths and delayed guitar strums float. Savage The Girl’s vocals throughout hearken back to the early days of R&B, with a rasp that cuts through the reverb, and results in a feeling of vintage warmth. 

010. Young Pascal ft. Kid Rey & Perry P - City Lights

Young Pascal stands as tall as skyscrapers on ‘City Lights’. Backed by a trap beat and guitar-based melodies, the Perth rapper showcases his ear-catching melodies as weaves a tale of a protagonist getting lost in the luxuries of city life. Pascal is joined by Kid Rey and Perry P on the track, who both stand out with their on-point flows.