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New music from Tkay Maidza, Kevin Abstract, JK-47 and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for November 3, 2023. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.


01. Tkay Maidza - Won One

Tkay’s ‘Won One’ finds her stepping away from the rapid flows and dipping into her R&B bag. Through impassioned croons, she tells a story of complicated romance. But in typical Tkay fashion, there’s nothing run-of-the-mill about the way she approaches this route. Production from Stint consists of massive synths and booming drums, propelling the soulful base of the song into blockbuster territory. It appears on Tkay’s new album Sweet Justice, which you can stream now.

02. Benny The Butcher - Big Dog ft. Lil Wayne

The big dogs are barking on this new Benny The Butcher track. The lyricism comes in barrages, as Benny lets off his signature stern flows. The Alchemist’s production is simple and grimy, allowing plenty of room for every frenzy of wordplay to hit. Plus, Lil Wayne jumps in for a verse and, in typical Weezy fashion, steals the show.

03. DEVAURA - Ketamine ft. ASH SWAZE, Chandler jewels

Banger alert! DEVAURA’s new single is destined for a party atmosphere. Thumping, jersey club-style drums serve as the backbone. The synths are eerie, like laser machines obscuring sight in the depths of a rave. The verses here are ravenous, with DEVAURA, Chandler Jewels, and A$H SWAZE coming through with motivated onslaughts.

04. Friday* - Radiohead

Forget Thom Yorke, we’re bumping FRIDAY*’s ‘Radiohead’. This track thrives in its mellow nature, with lush keys flourishing throughout and percussion commanding a laid-back bounce. FRIDAY*’s vocals build throughout, approaching sections with quiet melodies that culminate in passages of pure passion. It appears on his new EP Darling, which you can stream now.

05. Chef Chung - Kendata

Chef Chung is truly cooking on ‘Kendata’. Airy, reversed synths act like an early morning fog, which dissipates with every 808 that hits. Chung navigates this ambience effortlessly, letting off understated, laid-back triplet flows. It’s quaint, but it bangs.

06. JK-47, Jay Orient - Good Feel

You’re probably not a better rapper than JK-47, and that’s okay because the guy is truly top-tier. Confidence transcends the mix as he kicks off on ‘Good Feel’, letting off machine gun-like rounds of fiery flows and reflective lyricism. Jay Orient keeps up on the boards, letting off bouncy drums and poignant pianos. It’s one of many highlights off their new collab album Revision for Regrowth, which you can stream now.

07. Kevin Abstract – Madonna

This new track from Kevin Abstract has a real serene feel. It’s like a campfire ballad, with layered vocals creating the feeling of a sing-a-long, and the acoustic guitar strums are as sweet as the marshmallows you’re roasting. It appears on Kevin’s new album Blanket, which you can explore now.

08. Craig Isto, Jaybeecombz - Go Low

‘Go Low’ ironically is a new high for Craig Isto. It finds him absolutely nailing his woozy afrobeat style, letting off autotuned melodies atop scattered percussion and dreamy synths. The catchiness is further enhanced by contributions from Nigeria’s Jaybeecombz. This cut appears on Craig Isto’s new project, GENESIS, which you can stream now.

09. The Kid LAROI – Bleed

The Kid LAROI’s ‘Bleed’ is a stripped-back sombre ballad. Melancholic guitars strum throughout. Laroi croons with a heartbroken tone, traversing the atmosphere as an open book. It’s more vulnerable than we’ve ever heard him before, and we’re hyped for the versatility he’s about to show on his upcoming album The First Time, which drops next week.

010. Charbel - Run Boy

From the second ‘Run Boy’ starts, Charbel is letting off infectious melodies, delivered through his warm rasp. The production that serves as a backdrop is colourful, with atmospheric synths making up a truly luscious palette. This one is bound to get stuck in your head.