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New music from Beckah Amani, Kenny Beats, Day1, Shygirl and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Beckah Amani - Waiting on You

Beckah Amani channels the thumping sounds of Burundian drumming for her new single ‘Waiting On You’, a track dedicated to the energy-sapping patience of one-sided love. Her pain pulsates through her warbles, with the wandering tempo enhancing the emotion of her wondering. It’s slated to appear on her debut EP APRIL, due October 21st.

02. Forest Claudette - Hologram

Hologram’ is a psychedelic rush of R&B. Looming basslines and woozy synths spiral, surrounding Forest Claudette’s transitions from effortless raps, to arena-ready falsetto passages. It’s another display of this prospect’s diverse talents.

03. Vetta Borne - Say Less

‘Say Less’ is dedicated to indulgent lust. Vetta’s longing is focused on the moment, manifesting this romance in a triumphant chorus of pop excellence. It’s a seductive, stylish bop from the Melbourne artist that leaves us craving more.

04. Kenny Beats - Hold My Head

‘Hold My Head’ feels like Kenny Beats’ ode to keeping it together, conveying this through an orchestra of soulful samples sun-soaked guitar, and bouncy drums that are bound to keep you moving forward. This beautiful, albeit brief cut is one of the many highlights on the producer’s debut album LOUIE, which you can stream now.

05. Shygirl - Nike

Nike’ is a no-nonsense banger destined for club dancefloors. The beat is minimalist, with knocking kicks and lurking keys commanding the rhythm. This allows SHYGIRL to shine, as she delivers a buffet of bars dedicated to desire. It’s set to appear on her upcoming album Nymph, dropping September 30th.

06. Adrian Dzvuke - FIYAH ft. Julia Stone

The urgent atmosphere of Adrian Dzvuke’s ‘FIYAH’ erupts into an ember-filled chorus, where Perth-based singer soars into passionate croons. Julia Stone joins in on this summit-sat harmony, before flying high herself in a soothingly sang second verse. It’s an energy-filled cut that defines Dzvuke’s arena-ready potential.

07. BOY SODA - Willy Shakespeare

This latest cut from BOY SODA delves into the world of heartbreak, harnessing that personal struggle and using it to pen an ear-catching anthem. His melodies sit smoothly upon the 808s and rattling hi-hats on the trap beat, resulting in an anthem you can cry in the club to.

08. Day1 - Me, Myself & I

DAY1 gets into full rap mode on his new drop ‘Me, Myself & I’, letting off a frenzy of flex-heavy bars over in-your-face trap production. The Brisbane artist continues to prove that he can really do any style, anytime.


KANADA THE LOOP’s ‘Blurr’ is a sun-soaked anthem ready to blast in the approaching warm weather. His captivating croons float atop the fast-moving tempo, traversing the complexities of love. With a strong hook and a vibrant demeanour, KANADA continues to prove himself as a rising star to watch.

010. YNG Martyr - IT HAPPENED

YNG Martyr toasts to his undeniable self-made success on ‘IT HAPPENED’. Made for the mosh-pit, this KO-punch of a track finds him unleashing flow-switching combos, unleashing on the menacing synths and bellowing 808s of the beat like a punching bag. Ring the bell and alert Bruce Buffer because this one is worthy of all belts.