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Acclaim's favourite new tracks from home and around the world.

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Liyah Knight - Mine

Liyah Knight is an exciting new artist out of Sydney, her debut single ‘Mine’ materialised earlier this week and cements her as an early contender for one to watch closely. Liyah’s silky voice reverberates over spacey guitars production as she laments “I guess I’m over it / ‘cos I have to be”. The stunning yet short track builds up to a vibey, warbled trip-hop outro that leaves you desperate to run it back from the top.


ASHWARYA’s latest release ‘Biryani’ plays like a thumping heartbeat, dark and discontent. Named after the Melbourne-based artists favourite food, “I love you like Biryani” teeters over vast electronic soundscapes, paired with hypnotic lyrics sung in Hindi. What’s so impressive about the release, however, is its ability to tie a collection of complex parts into one fluid moving track, the end result, a twisted, celestial, almost angsty, message of “you will never find another like moi.

03. Triple One - Salina

Don’t panic, but Panic Force is on its way, and Triple One continues to increase the hype for their forthcoming album with this single. Big melodies courtesy of Lil Dijon spiral throughout the track, with some catchy raps from Obi Ill Terrors and Marty Bugatti. The passionate delivery of all three is strung together by the dreamy soundscape of the production from Billy Gunns, Jia Lih, and Adit. It’s a sing-a-long anthem, reiterating the fact that these fellas just can’t miss.

04. Action Bronson - Golden Eye

Dropping weight in the body, lifting weights in the gym, and we can’t wait for the new Action Bronson album Only For Dolphins. This single has a hand out the window, Queens cruisin’ boom-bap beat courtesy of Budige Beats, with Bam Bam Baklava creating luxurious imagery in his rhymes, with stand out lines like “Fuck around and get your sea bass smothered, I’ll choke you the fuck out like a Diaz brother.” Bronsillino’s bars are a sonic mixed martial art themself.

05. UNO Stere - TEXT feat. Amindi

Melbourne producer UNO Stereo teams up with rising Jamaican artist Amindi ‘TEXT’ a track centred around that frustrating moment when they haven’t texted back. Amindi’s vocals shine over UNO Stereo’s laid back, jangly production. Complete with a super-slick animated video by Sydney artist Chris Yee, it’s a smooth follow up to UNO’s recent EP Innerludes which we’ve had on repeat.