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New music from Little Simz, Kayne West, Rico Nasty, Sam Wise and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Sam Wise - Indeed ft. Knucks

South London’s Sam Wise is back with his new album Free Game. Right out the gate, we’re adding ‘Indeed’ with North West prospect Knucks to our daily rotation. With heavenly, atmospheric production from DSharp, both emcees revel in their talents, complimenting the synth soundscapes and poignant basslines with their smooth cadences. It’s another standout in their collaborative run thus far.

02. Rico Nasty - Magic ft. Barkaa, Madam3empress

Rico Nasty’s ‘Magic’ was already on repeat, but now it holds higher regard in our playlist with this new remix. The song now features a hard-hitting verse from Barkaa, who contrasts Rico’s croons with her stern, confident bars. MADAM3MPRESS also hops on, adding her soulful vocals to the lush sounds of the instrumental. Both vocalists represent Australian music in the highest of manners, waving the wands of our beautiful scene, and casting an absolute banger. 

03. Mulalo - M31 (Racing Down The Hume)

Mulalo is speeding down the ‘M31’ in record time. Her braggadocious bars are a full-pelt pedal push, accelerating through swagger-heavy lines with the energy of a V8 engine. Nerve’s production switches between lanes of crushing 808s, rattling hi-hats, and alerting synths. This Melbourne rapper is fully loaded and ready to race, no Herbie. 

04. Kanye West - Off The Grid ft. Playboi Carti, Fivio Foreign

Kanye West’s DONDA is finally here, and it does not disappoint. An instant highlight is ‘Off The Grid’, an epic display of hip-hop that finds each artist at their best. The first verse belongs to Playboi Carti, whose gritty, punk-doused croons float above the dystopian howls of the instrumental’s synths. A slight drum switch up brings the track into drill mode, introducing Fivio spitting as if his career was on the line, extending his verse to become his opus. It ends with Kanye himself, sounding fiery in the realm of triplet flows, and providing a handful of the witty quotables that have solidified him as one of the GOATs. It’s big, it’s blockbuster, it’s freaking Kanye West. 

05. BLXSS - Hush

Perth-based rapper BLXSS continues to form his unique style with ‘Hush’. Inspired by his Zimbabwean heritage, the track seamlessly mixes the sounds of hip-hop and afrobeat, creating a vibrant atmosphere to start the Spring season. Vocally, BLXSS is styling, letting off bars in an effortlessly smooth fashion, solidifying himself as a prospect to watch. 

06. Karma VS - Violent Stepper

New Zealand driller Karma VS is back with ‘Violent Steppers’, a one-punch KO of bars. Over eerie synths and 808 glides, Karma doesn’t let off vocally, barely taking a breath between each passionately delivered line. It’s a quick, in-your-face barrage that provides more evidence of Karma’s infectious energy. 

07. S1mba - Good Time Long Time

Zimbabwe-born, UK-based artist S1mba is bringing the good vibes on his new album Good Time Long Time. An immediate standout is the title track itself, which flourishes in the spirited sounds of afrobeat. His smooth vocals and ear-catching flows make this one destined to dance to this weekend. 

08. Little Simz - Speed

Little Simz’s ‘Speed’ is a proclamation of her greatness, fueled by next-level rapping. The UK artist lets off bars about her solidified spot in the rap scene, and the influence she’s had on the game, backed by minimalist production consisting of fuzzy basslines and distorted synths. This urgent, energy-heavy display is an instant highlight on her new album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, which is out now.

09. Powfu - Soda Cream Sky ft. KNOWN

Powfu’s ‘soda stream sky’ hits like a cold day, with melancholic keys reminiscent of a faint breeze rustling rainforest trees. Powfu and KNOWN. are the campers amongst this scenery, providing sentimental bars and sugar-filled melodies. It’s lo-fi, lush, and an ideal soundtrack for this weekend’s final Winter rain. 

010. Boylife - Lush

Boylife’s new single is perfectly described by its title. It’s a song about the ugly traits of life, portrayed through the lens of a euphoric soul ballad. It tackles themes like dishonesty and selfishness but symbolizes the room for growth through its summer-soaked guitars, and the LA-based artists soaring falsettos. It’s a beautiful example of why Boylife should be on your radar.