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New music from Teezo Touchdown, Cardi B x Megan Thee Stallion, M Huncho, Sampha and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for September 8, 2023. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.


01. Teezo Touchdown - Neighbourhood

Teezo storms onto ‘Neighbourhood’ with a campy energy. His raps are simple yet soaring with energy, akin to a Del The Funky Homosapien. His playful croons are rich with soul and possess the same swagger of a Rick James. The smooth instrumental has the polish of modern pop but is infused with the gleeful vibrance of Earth, Wind, and Fire. It’s as peaceful as a leisurely stroll, shines like the sun incinerating clouds on a Summer day, and serves as one of many highlights on Teezo’s new album How Do You Sleep At Night?, which you can stream now.

02. M Huncho - tell me how you feel

While he stays masked, M Huncho reveals a lot about the complexion of his life through his music. ‘tell me how you feel’ is a great example of this, as he paints a picture of what his life is like right now. The track finds him delivering the same smooth melodies that solidified his place in the UK scene, with every line he unleashes floating atop the atmospheric synths and arena-ready drums. But his lyrics allow us to learn more beyond his enigmatic presence, as he spits about his family life and his relationship with the limelight. This track appears on his new album my neighbours don’t know, which you can stream now.

03. Tkay Maidza - WUACV

Tkay’s continues to ravage in rap mode on ‘WUACV’. Meancing synths and an onslaught of distorted 808s make the production feel like some futuristic trap and serve as the perfect backdrop for Tkay’s versatile moveset, which finds her cycling through cadences and flows in combos, crushing any potential naysayers who stand in the way. It’s slated to appear on her new album, Sweet Justice, which is dropping in November.

04. Sampha - Only

Sampha sounds amped up on ‘Only’. It’s like he’s traded the seat at his piano for a surge of energy, as he approaches the dreamy production of the track with the flows of a seasoned rapper. Yet still, every line he delivers ends in a flourish of his soothing singing voice, creating the balmy atmosphere we’ve come to love him for. It’s a slight switch-up, but possesses the same soul.

05. Manu Crooks - Lately

We’ve come to know Manu Crooks as a master of trap anthems. But on ‘Lately’, he traverses an array of airy synth pads and an afrobeat tempo. His seamless switches between raps and woozy melodies still appear, but his energy is more understated as he occupies this nocturnal atmosphere. It’s a change-up stylistically, but catches your ear in classic Manu Crooks fashion.

06. Cristale - Roadents

Cristale announces herself as one to watch on ‘Roadents’. The production is gritty but simple, providing plenty of room for the UK rapper to showcase her talents. Cristale trudges the beat with stern flows, telling a revealing story of street life. It’s an undeniable banger that also brings some depth.

07. Open Till L8, Kahukx - CFB

08. Bakar – I’m Done

I’m Done’ feels like a scenic Winter drive, with floaty pianos reminiscent of a frosty breeze and guitars appearing in flurries like gusts of wind. Hypothermia is avoided due to Bakar’s warm voice, which flickers with passion throughout like a wood fire. At this point, Bakar makes his unique blend of pop and indie seem effortless.

09. James Blake - Fall Back

James Blake ditches the singer-songwriter approach for the decks on ‘Fall Back’. His production here creates an extraterrestrial ambience and blasting kicks that propel this one into orbit. It morphs into some reverb-drenched, dance-ready house in the second half, with James Blakes’s vocals appearing like a beacon, prompting you to bust out your moves. it appears on his new album Playing Robots Into Heaven, which you can stream now.

010. Cardi B x Megan Thee Stallion - Bongos

Before you even click play, you know ‘Bongos’ is going to hit. Bass blasts throughout the mix, and a looped vocal sample instantly gets stuck in your head. As expected, Cardi and Megan go nuts, delivering braggadocious bars in barrages. This track is a frenzy of fun.