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Aspartame is a web-focused DJ, and one third of the newly launched Club ESC in Melbourne. Alongside Air Max ‘97 and Rap Simons, the three-part collective channel posi vibes through all creative mediums, predominantly in the realm of music and design. Club ESC advocate for PLUR and freedom for wifi, dabbling in the depths of SoundCloud and touching on Jersey, juke, grime, hip-hop and pretty much anything that will make you dance. Free your mind and get your a$$ down to the IRL launch of Club ESC #1 tonight at Boney, with a little help from Daycare’s DJ Laila.

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Attend Club ESC #1 here.

Watch the Club ESC #1 teaser video here.

Listen to Aspartame’s Club Feelings mix here.


Photography by Tuscany Gray.

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