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It’s been a minute since I threw the ICU spotlight on somebody, but after seeing the Bixel Boys hype video for their Australian tour (a homage to speed skater and Olympic gold medalist Steven Bradbury) I just knew that there was simply no other format that would do them justice. Rob May and Ian Macpherson are California natives who live with the #FREELIFE mentality: a movement they created to encourage young artists to live beyond the confines of genres. Bixel Boys released their first official EP on Australian dance label Sweat It Out to worldwide acclaim, so it’s only natural that we welcome them to our sunburnt country this month with open arms. We hereby anoint them as Bixel Blokes… because #Straya.

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Catch Bixel Boys on their Australian tour

10/7 – Neighborhood @ Apple Bar, Adelaide
11/7 – Hottmess @ Oh Hello!, Brisbane
12/7 – The Sydney Social @ Soho, Sydney
18/7 – Ambar, Perth
19/7 – Anyway @ The Bottom End, Melbourne

Listen to Bixel Boys for Triple J Mix up exclusives here.

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