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DJ Craze is his own DJ. Fans, styles and fads can peak and then quickly fade into non-existence, but Craze doesn’t. He has created his own sub-genre of ability and his skillset remains timeless. The multiple World DMC champion and Slow Roast label founder is set to showcase those legendary skills in Australia in a matter of days for a quick tour with Codes. Before he does however – the man sat down with us to talk shop. And all that comes with it.

Tell us what you’re currently up to?

I’m currently working on my next EP for Slow Roast Records (my label). The EP is called Selekta and I can’t wait to finish it.

Done any typical tourist bits while in Australia? Or plan too?

Yeah, I’ve been to Sydney Zoo and I’ve checked out couple beaches but I haven’t gone to the outback. Maybe this time…

In the past how have you found Australian audiences?

Australian audiences are always amazing! I don’t know if they think they have something to prove but they are always up for anything and react accordingly. And I’m not just saying this ‘cause you’re Australian.

The term DJ is thrown around loosely these days. What defines a DJ to you? How do you pick the decent ones from the wannabes?

A DJ is somebody who knows how to control an audience and does it well. Also a real DJ breaks new music and new songs, it’s not only about playing bangers. And yes, that term is being thrown around loosely nowadays. Being a good producer doesn’t make you a good DJ. To me, a good DJ is a DJ that takes chances and is not a complete tool.

What would be your advice to up and coming DJs trying to find traction in today’s music landscape?

Unfortunately we live in a producer’s world now. So my suggestion to up and coming DJs if you wanna get noticed, make some tunes and get some recognition from that and then show them what you got on the decks. I know… that sucks, but it is what the world has become.

Under your producing role, who are you currently working with?  

Currently I’m working with JWLS & Van Toth Bro-Safari, Codes & Teenwolf… Basically all my homies.


Speaking of roles, you’ve taken on many different titles throughout your time in the industry – Was that always a part of the long-term plan? Or such opportunities and experiences popped up along the way…

I don’t plan anything I do. I kind of just roll with whatever opportunities present themselves to me. I live day-to-day on what makes me happy. If I’m not feeling it I kind of just walk away from it.

You’ve been attributed (and rightly so!) as a game-stayer. What’s your secret to longevity in such a ruthless business? In terms of re-inventing yourself and your sound verses keeping street cred/pleasing the originals?

Like I said before. My key to success and sanity is to make myself happy. Fans come and go…fads come and go…but I don’t. So at all times I’m trying to stay relevant to myself. I’ve had the luck that everything I get into eventually blows up and when it does I recognise when to exit before the ship sinks. Oh yeah, and having skills kind of helps too.

What can be expected from your current tour?   

I’m coming to Australia with a whole new attitude and fresh new music. I’m bringing my homie Codes with me and we’re ‘gonna Slow Roast it out! Can’t wait.

Time to name-drop. Who are you currently listening too?

I’m currently listening to this kid named Baauer from Brooklyn, he’s ‘gonna be big. I’m also feeling JWLS, Bro-Safari, Knife Party, Kill The Noise, Nadastrom, Codes, Dismantle, Flosstradamus and Munchi.

And what’s up next?

For the rest of this year I’m ‘gonna work hard on making music, new routines for Traktor and running my label Slow Roast.