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Weekly updates

When I first met Liz and Louie, otherwise known as brat pop duo holychild, we were hanging out in Coney Island while they were still unsigned. I asked them what their ideal record label would be and they told me Glassnote. A year later, I’m proud to say that they managed to successfully get signed to Glassnote Records and are now a huge step closer to their dreams. They are back home in LA after months of touring with MO across North America and Canada. I got a chance to chat with and photograph them and check in on their progress.

Words and Photography by Rosie Simmons

How was the tour?
Liz: It was good! I’m with Louie right now.

Hi Louie!
Louie: Hey!

Liz: Tour was great, it was cool to see you in Philadelphia. It was fun, MO’s audience was really sweet and she’s very sweet and it was just a really nice celebration of music all across country.

What other cities did you go to?
Liz: We did pretty much all the major cities in the US, and most of Canada like Montreal and Toronto. Then New York, Boston, and Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and a bunch of cities in between like LA, Seattle and Portland.

What was your favourite part about tour life?
Louie: The adventure. Not nothing anything for better or for worse it will happen to you everyday and just meeting dozens to hundreds maybe thousands of people everyday. I miss that.

What was the best thing you ate on tour?
Liz: We went to this really amazing restaurant in New Orleans  “Booties” and it was so good really amazing food. New Orleans had great food in general. We had gumbo. I love the food there.

Are you guys working on new music now?
Liz: Yeah, thats what we are doing in L.A. We’re working on our album and its going to be out in 2015 and we are putting the finishing touches on it now. It’s really exciting, we’re really excited about it. We played a few songs from it on tour. We will also be touring in 2015.

Did you have any strange encounters on tour?
Louie: We had this epic trek and our van broke down in the middle of West Texas. We had this character named Jay appear with his tools and he helped us. Initially it was gonna cost us ten dollars then it went up to forty-five and then it went up to fifty-five. We got that fixed and drove to California. Stopped by these mesmerising picturesque sand dunes on the border of Mexico, California and Arizona and took a bunch of amazing photos. Then we made our way to San Diego and stayed with a friend at a gypsy commune. It’s a cool spot but it’s kind of a loose place. While we were sleeping some guys came into our pot and stole a bunch of our cellphones and  a suitcase, All of this happened within three days.

Holychild just announced residency at The Echo in LA – every Monday in January. Check out their Facebook for more details.