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Trying to neatly sum up polarising London record label PC Music feels a bit like trying to force a square peg through a round hole. Or maybe it’s more like trying to force a tesseract through your everyday three-dimensional hole. When PC Music capos SOPHIE and A. G. Cook produced QT’s track ‘Hey QT’, they released it with a (kinda-sorta) explanatory statement describing QT as both a “sparkling future pop sensation” and “a brand new Energy Elixir.” Of course, this raises more questions than it answers about the identity and provenance of QT the pop star. So naturally we took it upon ourselves to ignore all of that and learn more about QT the energy drink. QT hit us back via email.

QT (along with SOPHIE) is playing Future Classic, BBE, ACCLAIM and Stoney Roads’ Xmas Weekender on Friday December 19 in Melbourne and Saturday December 20 in Sydney.

What does QT Energy Elixir taste like?

Nourishing… energetic… effervescent… Ask anyone who has tried it. The popular opinion is that it tastes like that moment when you are looking at someone and you realize they are looking at you. And even though no words are being exchanged you can feel what they are feeling.

You’ve said that only three people know the formula for the QT Energy Elixir. Who are those people?

One of them is obvious ; )

What are the brand pillars of QT?

Psychic connectivity, personal growth, vertical alignment.

Do you have any plans to create any more consumable products?

Yes. There may or may not be more in the mix…

‘Hey QT’ is one of the catchiest pieces of content marketing I’ve ever heard. What are your next plans for promoting the brand?

So sweet thank you! I am so excited about the tour I can hardly stand it. Grocery store tour that is ; )

What were you doing before you started singing?

Ten years ago I visited a garden in England, it was great, but enough about that.

Who are your favourite singers of all time?

I don’t listen to music very much.

K-pop versus J-pop. Discuss.

Anything pop I can’t get enough of…

A drunk Eric Wareheim introduced your Boiler Room set. How did you first come into contact with Eric?

I met him at Boiler Room and loved his stories about taking a bath in seltzer water. I bet it would feel good.

What are your vices?

Sweets are a deep vice. I love them so much.

What can you tell us about your collaborators A. G. Cook and SOPHIE that people may not know?

The first image Sophie sent me was of a squid arrangement. Something about the texture was exciting for both of us (though I much prefer thinking about them floating rather than on ice).

A. G. has a dance move that looks like the painter tool from the program KIDPIX. It looks like he is moving colours around when he is dancing.

What can you tell us about yourself that people may not know?

When we recorded the song I got really into all the technology involved, especially the microphones we used. For example, for the chorus we used a really, really big microphone, the biggest one we could find. Then for the verses we used an absolutely tiny microphone. I guess it was the smallest microphone we had available to us at that point in time.

Who would you invite (living or dead) to a fantasy dinner party?

Edward Bernays, Alan Turing, Donna Haraway, Tilikum.

What can we expect next from your partnership with XL Recordings?

We are working on an advert, which I am extremely excited about.