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Ivan Ooze releases ‘93 KFC Rotisserie Gold mixtape

Spoiler alert: the mixtape isn't actually about chicken

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Between linking up with the Wu-Tang Clan on their national tour of Australia and a studio session with Ghostface Killah, Melbourne rapper Ivan Ooze has somehow found time to drop his ’93 KFC Rotisserie Gold mixtape. With a national tour coming up in May, now is the perfect time for you to get into one of the new faces of Australian hip-hop, as Ooze tries to channel the same waves made after KFC dropped the Rotisserie Gold.

“I called the mixtape ’93 KFC Rotisserie Gold because back in 1993 KFC were the first ever fast food chain to advertise a rotisserie chicken in the world,” he said. “It was basically a game changer in the fast food world,” which is exactly (well, more or less) what he is trying to do with his music: switch it up and bring you “vibin’ hip hop jams, melodic raps to deep messages and turn up trap with a little of everything in-between.”

Ooze definitely knows his audience well, as the mixtape is free to download here, or listen to it below via SoundCloud.

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