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Jneiro Jarel  recently sat down with Dazed Digital to talk about his new collaborative project with longtime friend MF DOOM under the moniker of JJ DOOM. Jneiro spoke with Dazed on a variety of topics from working together vs long distance, “we always get distracted, we’d get talking, talking about the old days and what music used to be and then you realise you don’t actually get any work done. So we actually work better when we’re not with each other. I think I work better alone and I think he does too and I think that’s the special chemistry that we have.” to whether we’ll see a fully fledged tour “We’re definitely trying to make things happen as far as a full on tour. I don’t know exactly what days yet, but yeah, something’s in the works.”

As a part of his feature with Dazed JJ also created the exclusive mix below explaining the inspiration behind it as such, “I’ve been hugely inspired by the music from the UK since the ‘80s. I was into New Wave, I used to listen to Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, etc. People know me as ‘vintage-futuristic’, I like to always remember and pick the things I love from the past and bring it to the future. So that’s what I was doing, bringing Tears For Fears to now and mixing it with a newer song like ‘Winter Blues’, and also having a Gary Newman song come on before ‘Rhymin Slang’ because believe it or not, that’s the kind of sound that inspired that type of production.”

Read the full interview here.