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It’s been a dramatic day in the life of Kanye West. After changing the title of his album and updating his tracklist yesterday, Wiz Khalifa took issue with Ye’s claim to the ‘wave’, saying he should respect the origins of the wavy sound, particularly in reference to Harlem hip-hop artist Max B. Kanye, who is obviously in Twitter fingers mode, didn’t waste any time in responding to Wiz, in a series of now-deleted tweets basically calling him out for not being as good as Kanye.

In one of his most ‘dad’ moments, Ye misunderstood one of Wiz’s tweets to suggest he was bringing Kim’s name into the argument (even though ‘kk’ could refer to any number of members of the Kardashian family) when he was actually referring to weed.

During his barrage, Kanye also implicated his ex, and the mother of Wiz Khalifa’s son, Amber Rose, which was obviously bound to attract a reaction. True to form, Amber went all in with her response, after which Ye conveniently decided to delete most of his Twitter feed.

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