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Khalid’s Scenic Drive to the next Chapter of Stardom

Having solidified himself as one of music’s biggest stars at the young age of 23, Khalid takes a detour with Scenic Drive, a tape dedicated to enjoying the moment, and marvelling in the beauty around him.

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Khalid’s career has been a journey thus far. His debut album American Teen highlighted both the Summer-soaked and sombre feelings of young love, spawning massive hits like ‘Location’ and ‘Young, Dumb & Broke’. His sophomore release Free Spirit was without slump, turning coming-of-age confessions into a collection of earworms that debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100.

A spearhead on a trajectory of ascension, the arrow tip armed with a soulful voice, a knack for hooks, and relatable songwriting. Now, Khalid embarks beyond the skyscraper lights of stardom and is heading to where the air is fresher on his latest mixtape Scenic Drive.

So why is now the perfect time to get behind the wheel for this quest? Well, we’re staring at a singer who is growing up. It’s been 2 years since his last album, and the artist is now 23 years old. Scenic Drive represents a chapter in the story in which he finds himself, exploring every facet of his character and artistry. “When I listen to this project, it just sounds like a more mature version of myself,” Khalid tells People.

The setting of Scenic Drive already marks this as a new voyage for the singer, representative of frequent moving during his early years due to his parents’ military careers. He’s spent time living in Kentucky’s Fort Campbell, New York’s Fort Drum, and even Heidelberg in Germany. Throughout this rapid travelling, he experienced music at home with his mother, basking in the sung stories of classic R&B. It resulted in his drive to peddle his tales, starting with American Teen, and then becoming a Free Spirit, before putting his foot on the gas to create new ones.

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