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There’s nothing more satisfying than that pure, intense feeling of victory that comes with finding that one thing you thought you’d lost forever. Now imagine the thing you’d lost was a series of never-before-seen negatives of Biggie Smalls taken shortly before his rise to fame in 1994, which you’d misplaced over 21 years ago. Imagine, then, how New York photographer David McIntyre must feel.

The original photographs were shot for a feature in culture magazine Interview and were misplaced shortly after being handed over to the magazine’s art department. Rediscovered in the inner pocket of an old jacket almost two decades later, the negatives are now the subject of a modest Kickstarter campaign that plans to exhibit the photographs.

The Kickstarter page for the campaign states that if a stretch goal is reached, then the photographs will be printed as 60”x60” platinum prints, which is apparently one of the highest quality printing methods currently available. Check out some images for Biggie Smalls: The Man Who Would Be King in the gallery above.

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