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Killer Mike and El-P have enrolled human lyre bird, Michael Winslow, into the school of rap with their newest single ‘Oh my Darling Don’t Cry’. Known as “the man of 10,000 voices” Winslow supplies the ‘guest robot voice’ onto the track that will appear on their RTJ2 album due out on October 27.

Given how easy it would have been to use a computer generated sample, it’s pretty clear these OG’s got Winslow on the track for kicks. It’s probably as novel for these Gen X’ers to have to have a Police Academy feature as it would be for a millennial to feature the voice of Vegeta say something like “Welcome to the end of your life, I promise it’s going to hurt”. Although a millennial would probably just rip it from a YouTube clip they found on Tumblr.

Easter egg included, the song bangs with the heavy bass we loved on RTJ. Killer Mike continues to show he’s found his second wind in rap while El-P wants you to “Run backwards / Naked through a field of dicks”.

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