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PREMIERE: KVKA Finds Purpose in His New Visuals for ‘Heaven’

Slow-moving but with moments of chaos KVKA depicts the the road towards harmony.

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Zigzagging across the continents; born in Zambia, finding his musical beginnings in New Zealand, then finally settling in Melbourne in 2019, up-and-comer KVKA rounds the heap of new school Australian rappers with his boundary-pushing, gravel-voiced rap.

An early bloomer, KVKA found success at just 16, his debut single scraping in millions of streams and earning him opening act spots for the likes of GZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Rejjie Snow, Wiki and Keith Ape. This year saw the young artist lunge onto the scene aside other greats NERVE and Wombat on 16 Bars AUNZ, while also dropping his playfully bouncing track ‘No Lackin’ to an enthusiastic chorus of Australian tastemakers.

‘Heaven’, KVKA’s latest release, depicts the artist’s conflicting ideologies surrounding religion and spirituality, but also purpose, having been raised in a devoted household with his father, a Zambian preacher, saying of his latest release: “Heaven is about my relationship with music and the battle to reach my goals. Sometimes it can feel like purgatory to get there, I’m not just starting out but I know there’s still a road ahead. It’s about taking the last leap towards your dreams but also making peace with the time you spend in limbo. It’s also about navigating the darkness in my life and in the world, and searching for harmony in that.

Directed by Josh Davis, KVKA today drops his visuals for the introspective track. Simple, slow-paced yet with moments of chaos, the video depicts KVKA in reflection, and as we follow him through the stylized black-and-white visuals, we see him find peace, and perhaps purpose, at the finale, his child in his arms and a crown atop his head. Finishing the year with a bang KVKA’s next step involves the release of his upcoming EP Cupid’s Revenge in February of 2021.

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