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Weekly updates

It’s expected that a fashion house headed by the fierce Donatella Versace would enlist similarly outspoken and fashion forward females to promote the brand. First it was M.I.A. for Versus and now Lady Gaga has been announced as the face of the label’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign.

Emulating Donatella’s long blonde hair and penchant for figure hugging dresses, the first campaign image (above) was revealed by the Versace Twitter account over the weekend. This is just the latest in the continuing public girl crush between the two iconic women – Versace has gifted Gaga with many exclusives for videos and public appearances in the past, while Gaga most recently penned an ode to the fashion queen in ‘Donatella’ for ARTPOP.


Stay tuned for more examples of Gaga in Versace Versace Versace in the near future, the first of which I’m predicting to be the American Music Awards today.