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Lava La Rue’s Guide to the London Music Scene

With a new EP titled Butter-fly out now, the NiNE8 Collective founder shares their picks from the London underground.

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Weekly updates

West-London artist Lava La Rue has shared their long-awaited new EP Butter-Fly. Recorded in L.A. and London with producers including Isom Innis (Foster The People), Dan Holloway and Courage, Butter-Fly is self-described as Lava’s attempt to ‘redefine what queer music can be; setting the agenda for queer music in the 20s’. Across five dexterous and confident tracks, from the euphoric ‘Angel’ featuring Deb Never, to the dreamy dopamine hit of ‘G.O.Y.D’ (with vocals from Clairo and production from Vegyn), the release marks a new milestone in Lava’s already stellar multi-disciplinary career.

Knowing well the NiNE8 collective founder has a keen ear to London’s constantly-evolving underground music scene, we asked Lava to share their picks of the artists we should have on our radar.

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A great producer, vocalist, DJ & visionary. Co-founder of West London collective Elevation Meditation (consisting of Lord Apex, Louis Culture & more) they’re like the stoner cousin of NiNE8. you can see in his music he’s just as proud to be a West Londoner as I am and he is doing the most to bring light to the culture & heritage we have here, in both his production n visuals.

02. Cleo Sol

A Ladbroke Grove icon, whose contemporary RnB style has led to heavenly collaborations with the likes of Little Simz  & Angel. Cleo’s voice feels like drifting through clouds whilst her lyrics are firmly grounded and very real. Even though our music styles are different I feel like you can tell we’re both Ladbroke Grove born n bred as we’re all about good vibrations and totally on our own frequency!

03. Finn Foxell

Another Elevation Meditation member who I took as main support on my last tour. Since then he’s been blowing up with distinctive baritone rap voice and creative videos, which really depict what a day in the life is for us in this side of London.


Even though Lorenzo is one of the younger members of NiNE8, he’s natural skills of leadership & hunger for progress has made him a real secret weapon of our group. This is just the beginning of his great story.