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B Wise (James Iheakanwa) just dropped the second track off his upcoming debut album, set to release later in the year. ‘Prince Akeem’ is Iheakanwa’s homage to Eddie Murphy’s character in his favourite childhood movie Coming To America. It also reflects a story told to Iheakanwa as a child when he suffered racial prejudice at school. In order to help young B Wise’s self confidence, his parents told him he was being bullied because the other kids were jealous he was a proud descendent of Nigerian royalty. That’s some crafty parenting right there.

Featuring production from Raph Lauren of Jackie Onassis, the track is super upbeat. B Wise raps about a life on the throne, luxurious parties, and royal rose-bearers preceding his every move. That’s some solid Coming to America references and they make us want to crack out the VHS player and reacquaint ourselves with the greatest moments in Eddie Murphy’s best film (that’s not a controversial opinion, it’s the truth!). Listen to ‘Prince Akeem’ in the gallery above.

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