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Weekly updates

Synthesised arpeggios reminiscent of Yung Lean’s emotional ode to ‘Gatorade’ drift into earshot, a miserable bassline transports your mind’s eye to the darkest corner of a Texas trailer park and the rat-a-tat of trap hats slice clean through your wrists as Bones rises majestic to the mic like some sort of deranged ’90s WWE superstar. On ‘WhitePunkOnDope’, everyone’s favourite white-trash cloud-trap messiah unleashes his most poisonous rap-sermon to date, addressing the industry plants trying to ride the coattails of his post-underground movement.

 “These labels runnin’ out of ideas quick so they studying my moves but they won’t find shit.”

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to Bones yet, this is as good a starting point as any. Do yourself a favour and download the rest of his latest album Skinny for free from his SoundCloud.

James Ruklis