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Today on Twitter, Chance the Rapper gave fans a pleasant surprise when he dropped a solemnly sweet rap-jam titled ‘Stevie Wonder’. It appears that Chicago’s best rap-crooner released the song ahead of schedule, because of an attempted leak. “Since mfs wanna leak shit..” he said before gifting us with a link to the track.

The song, which is a collaboration with another Chicago-based rapper Lucki Eck$, features wavy instrumentation crafted by Young Chop, Plu2o Nash and The Social Experiment (SOX). Unlike most tracks concocted by The Social Experiment (peep their latest single ‘Surf’), which tend to be incredibly uplifting soul-experiments, ’Stevie Wonder’ keeps proceedings relatively gloomy.

Hearing Chance on a darker track is quite refreshing and – even though Lucki Eck$ goes hard on this one – instills fantasies of collaborations with rappers like Earl Sweatshirt and MF Doom who’ve mastered the art of crafting a depressingly rugged rap opus.

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