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Weekly updates

Have you checked out Chester Watson yet?
In the space of a year, the young rapper has put out a wealth of content. Most of it featuring sample heavy loops dripping with ambience and a slowed-down flow with a heavy focus on wordplay. The Earl Sweatshirt comparisons are inevitable (half his stuff sounds like a Doris bonus disc) but who cares so long as it sounds tight?

At the risk of calling him derivative, his aesthetic leans heavily on the influences of cloud rap (he’s even got that long tee game) and Japanese visual cues. None of it’s super refreshing, but it’s a damn good listen. He just dropped Zin, a neat little instrumental, that you can listen to above and check out some of our favourite recent tracks from him below.

Chester’s my official nomination for ‘suddenly everyone’s favourite young new rapper’ of 2015. Just wait for him to get a firmer grip on his sound and look and it’ll blow up, I’d put cash on the fact.